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Perennial Plants List

Perennial Garden

Perennials provide the majority of the plants used for so many garden styles, from a drought tolerant garden to a tropical garden or the traditional cottage garden. A perennial plant is one that comes back year after year and doesn't produce lasting woody material. Many perennials grow back from robust root systems. Other perennials produce creeping rhizomes dividing and multiplying as they creep along. Those perennials selected for the garden will produce a great show of flowers year after year during their season of glory. Perennials are often some of the heaviest blooming plants in the garden. Many perennials have fragrant foliage or fragrant flowers. Perennials are often selected for their bold foliage color or texture. Some perennial varieties require quite a lot of labor to be kept looking at their prime. The perennial border is one of the highest maintenance portions of the garden, but it can also be one of the most visually rewarding. I often try to mix my perennial garden so there is almost always something blooming. I have also been asked to focus a perennial border to look its best during a particular season. There are a host of perennial plants that are used for cut flowers, and others that are used for dried arrangements.

When I develop a perennial border I spend a lot of effort on preparing the soil. Since the plants are semi-permanent it is hard to go back and make it better later. Some folks like to double dig, personally I think this is torture to both the gardener and the shovel. A 6" thick dose of mulch covering the bed for 3-6 months will make the soil much more pliable. I like to get the rocks out, and to let the bugs and mulch do the rest of the hard work. Perennials produce lots of roots in the Fall. And they typically produce lots of flowers in the Spring. It is much easier to establish a perennial garden when the roots are the primary focus of the plant growth.

Many perennials are easily propagated by division. During the cooler months of Fall is the easiest time to make more of these beautiful plants. The perennials that spread by root and rhizome can be lifted and split, often into many new starts. In our area late November into December is when I think to do this. Other perennials can often be propagated by taking cuttings and rooting them in potting soil.

Common Names First --------Plants by their Latin Names
Absinthe * Artemisia absinthium
Adolph's Sedum * Sedum adolphii Firestorm
Airplane Plant * Crassula falcata
African Daisy * Arctotis Pink Sugar
African Daisy * Osteospermum ecklonis Spider White
African Corn Lily * Ixia polystachya
African Daisy * Arctotis acaulis
African Iris * Iris bicolor
Ale Ivy * Glechoma hederacea variegata
Almond Geranium * Pelargonium quercifolium
Alpine Strawberry * Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush
Alum Root * Heuchera Santa Ana Cardinal
Anise * Foeniculum vulgare rubrum
Anise Hyssop * Agastache foeniculum
Apache Beggarticks * Bidens BeeDance Painted Red
Apostle Plant * Neomerica caerulea
Aspen Fleabane * Erigeron speciosus
Aunt May Satin Flower * Sisyrinchium striatum Aunt May
Aztec Lily * Sprekelia formosissima
Baby Sun Rose * Aptenia Red Apple
Balloon Flower * Platycodon grandiflorus
Basket of Gold * Alyssum saxatile
Batface Cigar Plant * Cuphea llavea
Beach Primrose * Camissonia cheiranthifolia
Beardtongue See Penstemon
Bee Balm * Monarda didyma
Bee Blossom * Gaura lindheimeri
Begonia Freddie
Begonia Irene Nuss
Begonia Richmondensis
Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset
Bellflower * Campanula poscharskyana
Bergenia * Bergenia crassicaulis
Berkeley Sedge * Carex tumulicola
Bigroot Geranium * Geranium macrorrhizum album
Billy Buttons * Crasepedia globosa
Bitterroot * Lewisia rediviva
Black Eyed Cuphea * Cuphea cyanea
Black Eyed Heronsbill * Erodium glandulosum roseum
Black Eyed Susan * Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
Black Gamecock Iris
Black Kangaroo Paws * Macropidia fuliginosa
Black Knight Pincushion * Scabiosa Black Knight
Black Leaved Cranesbill * Geranium sessiliflorum nigricans
Black Mondo Grass * Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens
Black Rose Aeonium * Aeonium Zwartkop
Black Tree Aeonium * Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum
Bladder Campion * Silene vulgaris
Blanketflower * Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot
Blanketflower * Gaillardia grandiflora
Blaze Red Hot Poker * Kniphofia Blaze
Bleeding Heart * Dicentra formosa
Bloodleaf * Iresine herbstii
Bloody Dock * Rumex sanguineus
Bluebeard * Caryopteris incana
Blue Boy * Thunbergia battescombei
Blue Dicks * Dichelostemma capitatum
Blue Eyed Grass * Sisyrinchium bellum
Blue Glory * Thunbergia battescombei
Blue Oat Grass * Helictotrichon sempervirens
Blue Sedge * Carex flacca
Blue Spike Sage * Salvia uliginosa
Blue Tears Sedum * Sedum dasyphyllum
Blue Waxweed * Cuphea viscosissima
Bluff Lettuce * Dudleya farinosa
Bracken Fern * Pteridium aquilinum
Brass Buttons * Cotula lineariloba
Brass Buttons * Cotula Silver Mound
Brazilian Bog Spike Sage * Salvia uliginosa
Bressingham Ruby Bergenia * Bergenia Bressingham Ruby
Bronze Fennel * Foeniculum vulgare rubrum
Bugleweed * Ajuga reptans
Burrito Burro's Tail * Sedum morganianum Burrito
Butcher's Broom * Ruscus hypoglossum
Butter and Eggs * Linaria vulgaris
Butterfly Amaryllis * Hippeastrum papilio
Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa Butterfly Blue
Butterfly Ginger * Hedychium coronarium
Butterfly Iris * Iris Nada (Iris japonica)
Butterfly Weed * Asclepias tuberosa
Button Eryngo * Eryngium yuccifolium
Calico Hearts * Cotyledon rombifolia
California Aster * Symphyotrichum chilense
California Fuchsia * Epilobium catalina, Zauschneria californica
California Goldenrod * Solidago californica
California Maidenhair Fern * Adiantum jordanii
California Milkweed * Asclepias californica
California Native Iris * Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids
California Peony * Paeonia californica
California Polypody * Polypodium californicum
California Poppy * Eschscholzia californica
Calla Lily * Zantedeschia aethiopica
Camas * Camassia quamash
Cameron's Red Aloe * Aloe cameronii
Campfire Crassula * Crassula capitella Campfire
Canary Island Daisy * Asteriscus sericeus
Candleholder Dudleya * Dudleya candelabrum
Candleholder Liveforever * Dudleya candelabrum
Candelabra Sage * Salvia candelabrum
Candy Tuft * Iberis sempervirens
Canna Lily Durban
Canna Lily Lucifer
Canyon Duet Coral Bells * Heuchera Canyon Duet
Cape Daisy * Osteospermum fruticosum
Cape Fuchsia * Phygelius capensis
Cape Rush * Chondropetalum elephantinum
Cape Tulip * Homeria collina
Cardinal Catchfly * Silene laciniata
Cardinal Flower * Lobelia cardinalis
Carrion Plant * Stapelia grandiflora
Carnation spotti * Dianthus spotti
Carpet Beggarticks * Bidens Beedance Painted Red
Catmint * Nepeta faassenii
Cat Thyme * Teucrium marum
Catalina Island Live Forever * Dudleya hassei
Caucasian Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa caucasica
Cedros Island Verbena * Verbena lilacina De La Mina
Chalk Liveforever * Dudleya pulverulenta
Checker * Sidalcea malvaeflora
Cherry Sparkler Fountain Grass * Pennisetum Cherry Sparkler
Cheyenne Spirit Cone Flower * Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Christmas Cheer Red Hot Poker * Kniphofia Christmas Cheer
Chilean Lily Inca * Alstroemeria Inca
Chilean Lily Ligtu * Alstroemeria Ligtu
Chinese Ground Orchid * Bletilla striata
Chinese Foxglove * Rehmannia elata
Chinese Plumbago * Ceratostigma willmottianum
Chocolate Cosmos * Cosmos atrosanguineus
Chocolate Lily * Fritillaria biflora
Chocolate Chip Bugle Weed * Ajuga Chocolate Chip
Cigar Plant * Cuphea ignea
Clammy Cuphea * Cuphea viscosissima
Cliff Lettuce * Dudleya farinosa
Cliff Maids * Lewisia cotyledon elise
Clustered Field Sedge * Carex praegracilis
Cobweb Houseleek * Sempervivum arachnoideum
Cobweb Spiderwort * Tradescantia sillamontana
Cobwebby Thistle * Cirsium occidentale
Coffee Fern * Pellaea andromedifolia
Colorado Four O'Clock * Mirabilis multiflora
Columbine * Aquilegia formosa
Common Everlasting * Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Cone Flower * Echinacea purpurea
Copper Pinwheel * Aeonium Sunburst
Coral Bells * Heuchera Firefly
Coral Plant * Russellia equisetiformis
Corn Flag * Gladiolus dalenii
Coronation Gold Yarrow * Achillea filipendulina Coronation Gold
Corsican Stonecrop * Sedum dasyphyllum
Cranesbill * Geranium Stanhoe
Creeping Charley * Glechoma hederacea variegata
Creeping Phlox * Phlox subulata
Creeping Spurge * Euphorbia myrsinites
Crete Dittany * Origanum dictamnus
Crevice Alumroot * Heuchera micrantha diversifolia
Crimson Columbine * Aquilegia formosa
Crown of Thorns * Euphorbia milii
Common Selfheal * Prunella vulgaris
Cosmopolitan Eulalea Grass * Miscanthus Cosmopolitan
Cup and Saucer Flower * Campanula medium calycanthema
Cupid's Dart * Catananche caerulea
Cushion Bush * Calocephalus brownii
Cutleaf Daisy * Brachyscome multifida
Cutleaf Heal All * Prunella laciniata
Cutleaf Self Heal * Prunella laciniata
Dalmatian Bell Flower * Campanula portenschlagiana
Dead Nettle * Lamium maculatum Shell Pink
Death Camas * Zigadenus fremontii
Desert Lily * Hesperocallis undulata
Desert Marigold * Baileya multiradiata
Desert Milkweed * Asclepias erosa
Desert Mint * Mondardella odoratissima
Desert Needle Grass * Stipa speciosa
Desert Penstemon * Penstemon parryi
Devil's Trumpet * Datura wrightii
Dogbane * Apocynum cannabinum
Double Creeping Buttercup * Ranunculus repens pleniflorus
Dove Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa columbaria
Dragon Arum * Dracunculus vulgaris
Dragon Lily * Dracunculus vulgaris
Dragonwort * Dracunculus vulgaris
Durban Canna Lily * Canna Durban
Dwarf Black Cranesbill * Geranium sessiliflorum nigricans
Dwarf Day Lily * Hemerocallis Stella de Oro
Dwarf Indigo Spires Sage * Salvia Mystic Spires Blue
Dwarf Mondo Grass * Ophiopogon japonicus nana
Dwarf Plumbago * Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Dwarf Statice * Limonium minutum
Dwarf Tickseed * Coreopsis nana
Dwarf New Zealand Flax * Phormium tenax Jack Spratt
Egyptian Star Clusters * Pentas lanceolata Pearl White
Evening Primrose * Oenothera missouriensis
Eyelash Leaved Sage * Salvia blepharophylla
Faassen's Catmint * Nepeta faassenii
Fairy Fan Flower * Scaevola Blue Wonder
Fairy Fan Flower * Scaevola Mauve Clusters
Fairy Lily * Zephyranthes candida
False Campanula * Adenophora liliifolia
False Dragon's Head * Physostegia virginiana
False Solomon's Seal * Smilacina racemosa
Fama Blue Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa caucasica Fama Blue
Fennel * Foeniculum vulgare rubrum
Fernleaf Yarrow * Achillea filipendulina Coronation Gold
Field Sedge * Carex praegracilis
Firebird Beardtongue * Penstemon Firebird
Firecracker Plant * Cuphea ignea
Firecracker Plant * Russellia equisetiformis
Fireworks Fountain Grass * Pennisetum Fireworks
Five Fingered Fern * Adiantum aleuticum
Flax Lily * Dianella tasmanica
Floating Primrose * Ludwigia peploides
Flowering Inch Plant * Tradescantia bossfeldiana
Flying Saucers Tickseed * Coreopsis Flying Saucers
Foamy Bells * Heucherella Bridgett Bloom
Foothill Penstemon * Penstemon heterophyllus
Foothill Shooting Star * Dodecatheon hendersonii
Forest Lily * Veltheimia bracteata
Fortnight Lily * Dietes grandiflora
Fountain Bush * Russellia equisetiformis
Four O'Clock * Mirabilis jalapa
Foxglove Silver Fox * Digitalis purpurea Silver Fox
Foxglove Penstemon * Penstemon Cobea
Freeway Daisy * Osteospermum fruticosum
Friendship Plant * Billbergia newtans
Fruity Germander * Teucrium grussonei
Gentian Sage * Salvia patens
Geranium Ballerina
Geranium Johnson's Blue
Geranium Lawrence Flatman
Geranium Mavis Simpson
Ghost Plant * Graptopetalum paraguayense
Giant Chain Fern * Woodwardia fimbriata
Giant Helleborine * Epipactis gigantea
Giant Rye Canyon Prince * Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince
Giant Stream Orchid * Epipactis gigantea
Gloriosa Daisy * Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
Gold Back Fern * Pentagramma triangularis
Gold Coin Daisy * Asteriscus maritimus
Golden Chilean Lily * Alstroemeria Sussex Gold
Golden Columbine * Aquilegia chrysantha
Golden Eardrops * Dicentra chrysantha
Golden Japanese Forest Grass * Hakonechloa macra Aureola
Golden Sedum * Sedum adolphii Firestorm
Goldfish Plant * Nematanthus wettsteinii
Greek Oregano * Origanum Kaliteri
Grinnell's Penstemon * Penstemon grinnellii
Ground Ivy * Glechoma hederacea variegata
Gumbleton African Daisy * Arctotis gumbletonii
Hairy Rose Mallow * Hibiscus lasiocarpus (H. californicus)
Hammock Fern * Blechnum occidentale
Harebell * Campanula rotundifolia
Hartweg's Iris* Iris hartwegii
Harvest Brodiaea * Brodiaea elegans ssp elegans
Haylodge Bell Flower * Campanula haylodgensis
Heartleaf Geranium * Pelargonium cordifolium
Heath Sedge * Carex flacca
Heller's Penstemon * Penstemon triflorus
Hens and Chicks * Echeveria secunda
Hildago Stachys * Stachys albotomentosa Hildalgo
Hill Country Penstemon * Penstemon triflorus
Hoffnung Yarrow * Achillea Hoffnung
Hollow Reed * Elegia fistulosa
Holly's White Penstemon * Penstemon Holly's White
Honeywort * Cerinthe major
Hooker's Evening Primrose * Oenothera elata hookeri
Hornpoppy * Glaucium flavum
Horse Tongue * Ruscus hypoglossum
Howell's Onion * Allium howellii var howellii
Hummingbird Bush * Dicliptera suberecta
Hummingbird Mint * Agastache aurantiaca
Hummingbird Mint * Agastache Tutti Frutti
Hummingbird Sage * Salvia spathacea
Husker's Red Beard Tongue * Penstemon Husker's Red
Hyssop * Agastache aurantiaca
Ifafa Lily * Cyrtanthus mackenii
Illumination Flame Foxglove * Digitalis Illumination Flame
Indian Hemp * Apocynum cannabinum
Indian Pink * Silene laciniata
Iris Black Gamecock
Island Alum Root * Heuchera maxima
Island Alum Root * Heuchera Santa Ana Cardinal
Japanese Anemone * Alice
Japanese Anemone * Honorine Jobert
Japanese Anemone * September Charm
Japanese Anemone * Whirlwind
Japanese Forest Grass * Hakonechloa macra Aureola
Jimsonweed * Datura wrightii
Johnny Prick Nose * Lychnis coronaria
Kaffir Lily * Clivia miniata
Kahili Ginger * Hedychium gardnerianum
Kaliteri Oregano * Origanum Kaliteri
Kangaroo Paws, Black - Macropedia fuliginosa
Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthus Bush Ember
Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthus Bush Lantern
Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthus Bush Ranger
Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthus Harmony
Kangaroo Paws - Anigozanthus Royal Cheer
Kassandra Coral Bells * Heuchera villosa Kassandra
Keller's Yarrow * Achillea kellereri
King of the Bromeliads * Vriesea hieroglyphica
Lady Bells * Adenophora liliifolia
Lady's Mantle * Alchemilla mollis
Lambs Ears * Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet
Lance Leaf Liveforever * Dudleya lanceolata
Lance Selfheal * Prunella vulgaris lanceolata
Large Cape Rush * Chondropetalum elephantinum
Laurence Flatman Geranium * Geranium cinereum Laurence Flatman
Lavender Spur Flower * Plectranthus Mona Lavender
Leadwort * Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Leather Leaf Sedge * Carex buchananii
Lenten Rose * Helleborus orientalis
Lilac Sage * Salvia verticillata
Lily of the Inca's * Alstroemeria psittacina
Lily of the Nile * Agapanthus Storm Cloud
Lippia * Phyla nodiflora
Lizard Tail * Eriophyllum staechadifolium
Lobster Flower * Plectranthus neochilus
Louisiana Iris Black Gamecock
Madiera Cranesbill * Geranium maderense
Maidenhair Fern * Adiantum capillus-veneris
Margarita BOP Penstemon * Penstemon heterophylla Margarita BOP
Marguerite Madeira Cherry Red
Marvel of Peru * Mirabilis jalapa
Mat Rush * Lomandra longifolia
May Night Sage * Salvia sylvestris May Night
Mexican Boulder * Calibanus hookeri
Mexican Cardinal Flower * Lobelia laxiflora
Mexican Daisy * Erigeron karvinskianus
Mexican Evening Primrose * Oenothera speciosa
Mexican Hat * Ratibida columnifera
Cuphea Caribbean Sunset * Mexican Heather
Mexican Sunflower * Tithonia rotundifolia
Mexican Petunia * Ruellia brittoniana
Mexican Tarragon * Tagetes lucida
Mexican Tulip Poppy * Hunnemannia fumariifolia
Mexican Whorled Milkweed * Asclepias fascicularis
Milkweed * Asclepias tuberosa
Moonbeam Threadleaf Tickseed * Coreopsis verticillata Moonbeam
Moonstones Succulent * Pachyphytum oviferum
Mosquito Bills * Dodecatheon hendersonii
Mountain Bluet * Centaurea montana
Mountain Geranium * Geranium cantabrigiensis Biokovo
Mountain Monardella * Monardella odoratissima
Mountain Sage * Salvia regla
Mountain Yarrow * Achillea lanulosa
Mugwort * Artemisia douglasiana
Mugwort * Artemisia ludoviciana Silver King
Mugwort * Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis
Mugwort * Artemisia vulgaris
Mustang Mint * Monardella lanceolata
Myrtle Spurge * Euphorbia myrsinites
Narrow Leaf Milkweed * Asclepias fascicularis
New Zealand Iris * Libertia peregrinans
New Zealand Flax * Phormium Jack Spratt
New Zealand Flax * Phormium Pink Stripe
New Zealand Hair Sedge * Carex comans Green
New Zealand Wind Grass * Anemanthele lessoniana, Stipa arundinacea
Nutmeg Geranium * Pelargonium fragrans
Oakleaf Geranium * Pelargonium quercifolium
Obedient Plant * Physostegia virginiana
Orange African Daisy * Arctotis Sun Spot Orange
Orange Ice Plant * Lampranthus aureus Orange Form
Orange Flowered Bulbine * Bulbine Hallmark
Orange Hummingbird Mint * Agastache aurantiaca cv. Apricot Sprite
Oregano Kent Beauty * Origanum rotundifolium Kent Beauty
Oregon Fleabane * Erigeron speciosus
Ozark Sundrop * Oenothera missouriensis
Pacific Aster * Symphyotrichum chilense
Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris * Iris Dorothea's Ruby
Padre's Shooting Star * Dodecatheon clevelandii
Palace Purple Alumroot * Heuchera Palace Purple
Palm Leaf Begonia * Begonia luxurians
Parrot's Beak * Lotus maculatus
Parrot Lily * Alstroemeria psittacina
Parry's Penstemon * Penstemon parryi
Path Rush * Juncus tenuis Blue Dart
Paul Hernandez Begonia
Pearl Yarrow * Achillea ptarmica
Pearly Everlasting * Gnaphalium californicum
Peppermint Scented Geranium * Pelargonium tomentosum
Perennial Bachelor Button * Centaurea montana
Perennial Wallflower * Erysimum Jenny Brook
Peruvian Lily * Alstroemeria psittacina
Pine Muhly Grass * Muhlenbergia dubia
Pink Mist incushion Flower * Scabiosa columbaria Pink Mist
Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa cretica
Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa farinosa
Pine Leaf Milkweed * Asclepias linaria
Pink Buckwheat * Eriogonum grande rubescens
Pink Sensation Cape Fuchsia * Phygelius Pink Sensation
Pink Dusty Miller * Centaurea gymnocarpa
Pink Iceplant * Oscularia deltoides
Pink Japanese Anemone * Anemone September Charm
Pink Mist Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa Pink Mist
Pink Panda Strawberry * Fragaria Pink Panda
Pink Rock Orchid * Dendrobium kingianum
Pink Seaside Daisy * Erigeron Sea Breeze
Pink Storksbill * Erodium riechardii Bishop's Form
Pomegranate Yarrow * Achillea millefolium Pomegranate
Prarie Skullcap * Scutellaria resinosa Smokey Hills
Prickly Poppy * Argemone munita
Prince's Plume * Stanleya pinnata
Purple Beardtongue * Penstemon cobea
Purple Milkweed * Asclepias cordifolia
Purple Cone Flower * Echinacea purpurea
Purple Shamrock * Oxalis triangularis
Purple Wallflower * Erysimum Bowles Mauve
Purple Wandering Jew * Tradescantia pallida Purple Heart
Quamash * Camassia quamash
Queen's Tears * Billbergia nutans
Ramirez Begonia * Begonia Ramirez
Raspberry Summer Hummingbird Mint * Agastache Raspberry Summer
Rattlesnake Master * Eryngium yuccifolium
Red Aloe * Aloe Cameronii
Red Buckwheat * Eriogonum grande rubescens
Red Fountain Grass * Pennisetum setaceum rubrum
Red Hot Poker * Kniphofia Shining Sceptre
Red Spider Lily * Lycoris radiata
Red Thistle * Cirsium occidentale
Red Valerian * Centranthus ruber
Red Veined Dock * Rumex sanguineus
Red Yellow Kangaroo Paws * Anigozanthos Harmony
Red Yucca * Hesperaloe parviflora
Redwood Sorrel * Oxalis oregana
Renard's Geranium * Geranium renardii
Richmond Begonia * Begonia richmondensis
Rock Purslane * Calandrinia grandiflora, Cistanthe grandiflora
Rocky Mountain Columbine * Aquilegia caerulea
Rocky Point Blue Eyed Grass * Sisyrinchium Rocky Point
Rose Campion * Lychnis coronaria
Rose Grass * Rhodohypoxis baurii
Rose Mallow * Hibiscus lasiocarpos (H. californicus)
Rough Verbena * Verbena rigida
Ruby Grass * Rhynchelytrum nerviglume
Rush Lily * Sisyrinchium striatum
Russian Sage * Perovskia atriplicifolia
Rusty Foxglove * Digitalis ferruginea
Orange Sedge * Carex testacea
Sacred Thorn Apple * Datura wrightii
Salmon Chilean Lily * Alstroemeria Salmon
Salt Heliotrope * Heliotropium curassavicum
Sandhill Sage * Artemisia pycnocephala
Sandpaper Verbena * Verbena rigida
Santa Barbara Daisy * Erigeron karvinskianus
Santa Barbara Island Liveforever * Dudleya traskiae
Sapphire Sage * Salvia sinaloensis
Satin Flower * Sisyrinchium striatum
Scarlet Bugler * Penstemon centranthifolius
Scarlet Gilia * Ipomopsis aggregata
Scarlet Ginger * Hedychium greenii
Scarlet Penstemon * Penstemon triflorus
Scarlet Sage * Salvia coccinea Lady in Red
Scented Geranium * Geranium macrorrhizum album
Sea Campion * Silene vulgaris maritima
Sea Daisy * Asteriscus maritima
Sea Lavender * Limonium perezii
Sea Lettuce * Dudleya caespitosa
Seaside Daisy * Erigeron glaucus Bountiful
Seaside Daisy * Erigeron Wayne Roderick
Seaside Golden Yarrow * Eriophyllum staechadifolium
Serbian Bellflower * Campanula poscharskyana
Seven-up Plant * Stachys albotomentosa Hildago
Shasta Daisy * Leucanthemum superbum
Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory * Evolvulus nuttallianus
Shell Ginger * Alpinia zerumbet Variegata
Shell Pink Dead Nettle * Lamium maculatum Shell Pink
Shooting Star * Dodecatheon clevelandii
Short Leaved Aloe * Aloe brevifolia
Showy Fleabane * Erigeron speciosus
Showy Four O'Clock * Mirabilis multiflora
Showy Milkweed * Asclepias speciosa
Showy Penstemon * Penstemon spectabilis
Sierra Iris * Iris hartwegii
Sierra Tiger Lily * Lilium parvum
Silky Gold Milkweed * Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold
Silver Carpet * Dymondia margaritae
Silver Dichondra * Dichondra argentea
Silver Dragon Lilyturf * Lirope Silver Dragon
Silver Fleabane * Erigeron argentatus
Silver Fox Foxglove * Digitalis purpurea heywoodii Silver Fox
Silver Geranium * Geranium harveyi
Silver Germander * Teucrium ackermannii
Silver Grass * Miscanthus sinensis variegatus
Silver Spear * Astelia chathamica Silver Spear
Silver Spur Flower * Plectranthus argentatus
Silver Tansy * Tanacetum haradjanii
Silver Yarrow * Achillea clavennae
Sinaloa Sage * Salvia sinaloensis
Siskiyou Lewisia * Lewisia cotyledon Elise
Skunk Flower * Ipomopsis aggregata
Sneezewort * Achillea ptarmica
Snow in Summer * Cerastium tomentosum
Southwest Columbine * Aquilegia chrysantha
Spanish Snapdragon * Antirrhinum hispanicum
Speedwell * Veronica peduncularis
Spider White Osteospermum * Osteospermum ecklonis Spider White
Spotted Dead Nettle * Lamium maculatum Shell Pink
Spring Star Flower * Ipheion uniflorum
Spur Flower * Diascia integerrima
Spur Flower * Plectranthus ciliatus Drege
Squarebud Primrose * Calylophus drummondianus
Stalked Bulbine * Bulbine frutescens
Star Cluster * Pentas lanceolata Red, Pentas Pearl White
Starfish Flower * Stapelia grandiflora
Statice * Limonium perezii
Stella de Oro Daylily * Hemerocallis Stella de Oro
Sticky Cinquefoil * Potentilla glandulosa
Stink Lily * Dracunculus vulgaris
Stiff Verbena * Verbena rigida
Strawberry Foxglove * Digitalis mertonensis
Stream Orchid * Epipactis gigantea
Stokes Aster * Stokesia laevis Blue Danube
Stokes Aster * Stokesia laevis Peachie's Pick
Stokes Aster * Stokesia laevis Purple Parasols
Summer Snapdragon * Angelonia angustifolia
Sunburst Aeonium 
Sunrose * Helianthemum numellarium
Sunset Cone Flower * Echinacea Sunset
Sweet Garlic * Tulbaghia fragrans
Tansy * Tanacetum vulgare
Tara Ginger * Hedychium gardnerianum tara
Tas Red Flax Lily * Dianella Tas Red
Texas Primrose * Calylophus drummondii
Texas Sage * Salvia coccinea Lady in Red
Thimbleweed * Anemone Honorine Jobert
Thread Leaf Milkweed * Asclepias linaria
Thrift * Armeria maritima
Throatwort * Trachelium caeruleum
Tickseed * Coreopsis Sunray
Tiger Eye Black Eyed Susan * Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
Tree dahlia * Dahlia imperialis
Triplet Lily * Brodiaea Rudy
Tropical Milkweed * Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold
Toad Lily * Tricyrtis hirta
Two Row Stonecrop * Sedum spurium Tricolor
Tuberous vervain * Verbena rigida
Upright Prairie Coneflower * Ratibida columnifera
Variegated Purple Wallflower * Erysimum linifolium variegatum
Variegated Satin Flower * Sisyrinchium striatum Aunt May
Variegated Sedge * Carex morrowii
Variegated Shell Ginger * Alpinia zerumbet variegata
Variegated Stonecrop * Sedum spurium Tricolor
Voodoo Lily * Dracunculus vulgaris
Walking Iris * Neomerica caerulea
Wallflower * Erysimum Bowles Mauve
Water Figwort * Scrophularia auriculata variegata
Water Primrose * Ludwigia peploides
Western Columbine * Aquilegia formosa
Western Flax * Linum lewisii
Western Sword Fern * Polystichum munitum
White Begonia richmondensis * Begonia acutifolia
White Ginger * Hedychium coronarium
White Japanese Anemone * Anemone Honorine Jobert
White Linen California Poppy * Eschscholzia californica White Linen
White Storksbill * Erodium reichardii alba
White Striped Flax Lily * Dianella tasmanica variegata
White Yarrow * Achillea millefolium Sonoma Coast
Whorled Clary Sage * Salvia verticillata
Wild Sage * Salvia muirii
Windflower * Anemone Honorine Jobert
Winter Flowering Bergenia * Bergenia crassicaulis
Wood Spurge * Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae
Woodland Strawberry * Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush
Wooly Golden Yarrow * Eriophyllum staechadifolium
Wooly Rose Mallow * Hibiscus lasiocarpos (H. californicus)
Wooly Yarrow * Achillea tomentosa
Woolypod Milkweed * Asclepias eriocarpa
Wormwood Powis Castle * Artemesia Powis Castle
Wormwood Huntington * Artemesia arborescens Huntington
Yarrow Cerise Queen * Achillea Cerise Queen
Yarrow Great Expectations * Achillea Great Expectations
Yarrow Hoffnung * Achillea Hoffnung
Yarrow Keller's * Achillea kellereri
Yarrow Lanulosa * Achillea lanulosa
Yarrow Moonshine * Achillea moonshine
Yarrow Paprika * Achillea Paprika
Yarrow Salmon Beauty * Achillea Salmon Beauty
Yarrow Silver * Achillea clavennae
Yarrow The Beacon * Achillea The Beacon
Yarrow White * Achillea millefolium Sonoma Coast
Yellow Columbine * Aquilegia chrysantha
Yellow Eyed Grass * Sisyrinchium californicum
Yellow Horned Poppy * Glaucium flavum
Yellow Pincushion Flower * Scabiosa ochroleuca
Yellow Red Yucca * Hesperaloe parviflora Yellow
Yellow Stachys * Stachys chrysantha
Yellow Storksbill * Erodium chrysanthum
Yellow Toadflax * Linaria vulgaris
Yellow Wild Iris * Dietes bicolor
Zebra Grass * Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus

Latin Names

Achillea clavennae * Silver Yarrow
Achillea kellereri  * Keller's Yarrow
Achillea Cerise Queen * Cerise Queen Yarrow
Achillea filipendulina Coronation Gold * Fernleaf Yarrow, Coronation Gold Yarrow
Achillea Great Expectations * Great Expectations Yarrow
Achillea Hoffnung * Hoffnung Yarrow
Achillia lanulosa * Mountain Yarrow
Achillea Moonshine * Moonshine Yarrow
Achillea Paprika * Paprika Yarrow
Achillea ptarmica * Pearl Yarrow, Sneezewort
Achillea Pomegranate * Pomegranate Yarrow
Achillea Salmon Beauty * Salmon Beauty Yarrow
Achillea Sonoma Coast * Sonoma Coast Yarrow
Achillea Terracotta * Terrocotta Yarrow
Achillea The Beacon * The Beacon Yarrow
Achillea tomentosa * Wooly Yarrow
Adenophora liliifolia * Lady Bells, False Campanula
Adiantum aleuticum * Five Fingered Fern
Adiantum capillus-veneris * Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum jordanii * California Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum pedatum * Five Fingered Fern
Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum * Black Tree Aeonium
Aeonium arboreum Zwartkop * Black Rose Aeonium
Aeonium Sunburst * Copper Pinwheel
Agapanthus Storm Cloud * Dark Blue Lily of the Nile
Agastache Apricot Sprite * Orange Hummingbird Mint, Apricot Sprite Hyssop
Agastache aurantiaca 'Apricot Sunrise' * Apricot Sunrise Hummingbird Mint
Agastache barberi Tutti Frutti * Tutti Frutti Hummingbird Mint
Agastache foeniculum * Anise Hyssop
Agastache Raspberry Summer * Raspberry Summer Hummingbird Mint
Alchemilla mollis * Lady's Mantle
Allium howellii var howellii * Howell's Onion
Aloe brevifolia * Short Leaved Aloe
Aloe cameronii * Red Aloe
Aloe sinkatana
Alpinia zerumbet variegata * Variegated Shell Ginger
Alyssum saxatile * Basket of Gold
Ajuga reptans Catlin's Giant * Catlin's Giant Bugle Weed
Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip * Chocolate Chip Bugle Weed
Alstroemeria Flame * Red Chilean Lily, Flame Chilean Lily
Alstroemeria inca ice * Cream Chilean Lily, Inca Ice Chilean Lily
Alstroemeria 'Ligtu Hybrids' * Chilean Lily
Alstroemeria psittacina * Parrot Lily, Lily of the Inca's, Peruvian Lily
Alstroemeria Salmon * Salmon Chilean Lily
Alstroemeria Sussex Gold * Sussex Gold Chilean Lily
Anemanthele lessoniana * New Zealand Wind Grass
Anemone Alice * Semi-double Pink Japanese Anemone, Alice Windflower
Anemone Honorine Jobert * White Japanese Anemone, Honorine Jobert Windflower
Anemone September Charm * Single Pink Japanese Anemone, September Charm Windflower
Anemone Whirlwind * Double White Japanese Anemone, Whirlwind Windflower
Angelonia angustifolia * Summer Snapdragon
Anigozanthos Bush Ember * Bush Ember Kangaroo Paws
Anigozanthos Bush Lantern * Bush Lantern Kangaroo Paws
Anigozanthos Bush Ranger * Bush Ranger Kangaroo Paws
Anigozanthos Harmony * Harmony Kangaroo Paws
Anigozanthos Royal Cheer * Royal Cheer Kangaroo Paws
Antirrhinum hispanicum * Spanish Snapdragon
Apocynum cannabinum * Dogbane, Indian Hemp
Aptenia Red Apple * Baby Sun Rose
Aquilegia caerulea * Rocky Mountain Columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha * Golden Columbine, Southwest Columbine, Yellow Columbine
Aquilegia formosa * Crimson Columbine, Western Columbine
Arctotis acaulis Torch Purple * Torch Purple African Daisy
Arctotis gumbletonii * Gumbleton African Daisy
Arctotis Pink Sugar * Pink Sugar African Daisy
Arctotis Sun Spot Orange * Sun Spot Orange African Daisy
Argemone munita * Prickly Poppy
Argyranthemum Chelsea Girl * Chelsea Girl Maruerite
Argyranthemum Madeira Cherry Red * Madeira Cherry Red Marguerite
Armeria maritima * Thrift
Artemisia absinthium * Absinthe
Artemisia douglasiana * Mugwort
Artemisia Huntington * Wormwood
Artemisia ludoviciana Silver King * Mugwort
Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis * White Sagebrush
Artemisia Powis Castle * Wormwood
Artemisia pycnocephala David's Choice * Sandhill Sage
Artemisia vulgaris * Mugwort
Asclepias californica * California Milkweed
Asclepias cordifolia * Purple Milkweed
Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold * Silky Gold Milkweed, Tropical Milkweed
Asclepias eriocarpa * Woolypod Milkweed, Indian Milkweed, Kotolo Milkweed
Asclepias erosa * Desert Milkweed
Asclepias fascicularis * Mexican Whorled Milkweed, Narrow Leaf Milkweed
Asclepias linaria * Thread Leaf Milkweed, Pine Leaf Milkweed
Asclepias speciosa * Showy Milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa * Butterfly Weed
Astelia chathamica Silver Spear * Silver Spear
Aster chilensis * California Aster, Pacific Aster
Asteriscus maritimus * Sea Daisy, Gold Coin Daisy
Asteriscus sericeus * Canary Island Daisy
Baileya multiradiata * Desert Marigold
Begonia acuminata * White Begonia richmondensis
Begonia acutifolia * White Begonia richmondensis
Begonia echinosepala
Begonia Freddie
Begonia Irene Nuss * Angelwings Begonia
Begonia luxurians * Palm Leaf Begonia
Begonia Paul Hernandez
Begonia Ramirez
Begonia richmondensis * Richmond Begonia
Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset
Bergenia Bressingham Ruby * Bressingham Ruby Bergenia
Bergenia crassifolia * Winter Flowering Bergenia
Bidens Bee Dance Painted Red * Apache Beggarticks, Carpet Beggarticks
Billbergia nutans * Queen's Tears, Friendship Plant
Blechnum occidentale * Hammock Fern
Bletilla striata * Chinese Ground Orchid (Purple)
Bletilla striata alba * Chinese Ground Orchid (White)
Brachyscome multifida * Cut Leaf Daisy
Brodiaea elegans ssp elegans * Harvest Brodiaea
Brodiaea Rudy * Triplet Lily
Bulbine frutescens * Stalked Bulbine
Bulbine Hallmark * Orange Flowered Bulbine
Calandrinia grandiflora * Rock Purslane
Calibanus hookeri * Mexican Boulder
Calocephalus brownii * Cushion Bush
Calylophus drummondii * Texas Primrose, Squarebud Primrose
Camassia quamash * Camas
Camissonia cheiranthifolia * Beach Primrose
Campanula haylodgensis * Haylodge Bell Flower
Campanula medium calycanthema * Cup and Saucer Flower
Campanula portenschlagiana * Dalmatian Bell Flower
Campanula poscharskyana * Serbian Bell Flower
Campanula poscharskyana alba * Serbian Bell Flower
Campanula rotundifolia * Harebell
Campanula Sarastro * Bell Flower
Canna Durban * Durban Canna Lily
Canna Lucifer * Lucifer Canna Lily
Carex buchananii * Leather Leaf Sedge
Carex comans Green * New Zealand Hair Sedge
Carex flacca * Blue Sedge, Heath Sedge
Carex morrowii * Variegated Sedge
Carex praegracilis * Field Sedge
Carex testacea * Orange Sedge
Carex tumulicola * Berkeley Sedge
Caryopteris incana * Bluebeard
Catananche caerulea * Cupid's Dart
Centaurea gymnocarpa * Pink Dusty Miller
Centaurea montana * Perennial Bachelor Buttons, Mountain Bluet
Centradenia grandifora * Trailing Princess Flower
Centranthus ruber * Red Valerian
Cerastium tomentosum * Snow in Summer
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides * Leadwort
Ceratostigma willmottianum * Chinese Plumbago
Cerinthe major * Honeywort
Chondropetalum elephantinum * Cape Rush
Chondropetalum tectorum - New Name - Chondropetalum elephantinum
Chrysocephalum apiculatum * Common Everlasting
Cirsium occidentale * Cobwebby Thistle
Cistanthe grandiflora * Rock Purslane
Clivia miniata * Kaffir Lily
Coreopsis grandiflora Flying Saucers * Flying Saucers Tickseed
Coreopsis Nana * Dwarf Tickseed
Coreopsis Sunray * Sunray Tickseed
Coreopsis verticillata Moonbeam * Moonbeam Tickseed, Threadleaf Tickseed
Cosmos atrosanguineus * Chocolate cosmos
Cotula lineariloba * Brass Buttons
Cotula Silver Mound * Brass Buttons
Cotyledon rombifolia * Calico Hearts
Craspedia globosa * Billy Buttons
Crassula capitella Campfire * Campfire Crassula
Crassula falcata * Airplane Plant
Cuphea Caribbean Sunset * Mexican Heather
Cuphea cyanea * Black Eyed Cuphea
Cuphea ignea * Cigar Plant, Firecracker Plant
Cuphea lanceolata Starfire * Starfire Cigar Plant
Cuphea llavea Bat Face * Bat faced Cigar Plant
Cuphea viscosissima * Blue Waxweed, Clammy Cuphea
Cyrtanthus mackenii * Ifafa Lily
Dahlia imperialis * Tree Dahlia
Datura wrightii * Sacred Thorn Apple, Jimsonweed, Devil's Trumpet
Dendrobium kingianum * Pink Rock Orchid
Dianella Tas Red * Tas Red Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica * Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica variegata * White Striped Flax Lily
Dianthus 'moonglow'
Dianthus spotti
Diascia integerrima * Twin Spur
Dicentra chrysantha * Golden Eardrops
Dicentra formosa * Bleeding Heart
Dichelostemma capitatum * Blue Dicks
Dichondra argentea * Silver Dichondra
Dicliptera suberecta * Hummingbird Bush
Dietes bicolor * Yellow Wild Iris, African Iris
Dietes grandifora * Fortnight Lily
Digitalis ferruginea * Rusty Foxglove
Digitalis Illumination Flame * Illumination Flame Foxglove
Digitalis mertonensis * Strawberry Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea heywoodii Silver Fox * Silver Fox Foxglove
Dodecatheon clevelandii * Padre's Shooting Star
Dodecatheon hendersonii * Foothill Shooting Star
Dracunculus vulgaris * Voodoo Lily, Dragon Arum, Dragon Lily, Dragonwort, Stink Lily
Dudleya caespitosa * Sea Lettuce
Dudleya candelabrum * Candleholder Liveforever, Candleholder Dudleya
Dudleya farinosa * Bluff Lettuce, Cliff Lettuce
Dudleya hassei * Catalina Island Live Forever
Dudleya lanceolata * Lance Leaf Liveforever
Dudleya pulverulenta * Chalk Liveforever
Dudleya traskiae * Santa Barbara Island Liveforever
Dyckia fosteriana
Dymondia margaretae * Silver Carpet
Echeveria secunda * Hens and Chicks
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit * Cheyenne Spirit Cone Flower
Echinacea purpurea * Purple Cone Flower
Echinacea Sunset * Sunset Cone Flower
Elegia fistulosa * Hollow Reed
Elymus condensatus Canyon Prince * Canyon Prince Giant Rye
Epipactis gigantea * Giant Stream Orchid, Giant Helleborine
Epilobium canum * California Fuchsia
Erigeron argentatus * Silver Fleabane
Erigeron glaucus Bountiful * Bountiful Seaside Daisy
Erigeron glaucus Sea Breeze * Pink Seaside Daisy, Sea Breeze Seaside Daisy
Erigeron karvinskianus * Santa Barbara Daisy, Mexican Daisy
Erigeron speciosus * Aspen Fleabane, Showy Fleabane, Oregon Fleabane
Erigeron Wayne Roderick * Wayne Roderick Seaside Daisy
Eriogonum grande rubescens * Pink or Red Buckwheat
Eriophyllum confertiflorum * Golden Yarrow
Eriophyllum staechadifolium * Seaside Golden Yarrow, Lizard Tail
Erodium chrysantha * Yellow Storksbill
Erodium glandulosum roseum * Black Eyed Heronsbill
Erodium reichardii alba * White Storksbill
Erodium reichardii Bishops Form * Pink Storksbill
Eryngium yuccifolium * Button Eryngo, Rattlesnake Master
Erysimum Apricot Twist * Apricot Twist Perennial Wallflower
Erysimum Bowles Mauve * Bowles Mauve Purple Wallflower
Erysimum Jenny Brook * Jenny Brook Perennial Wallflower
Erysimum linifolium variegatum * Variegated Purple Wallflower
Eschscholzia californica * California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica White Linen * White Linen California Poppy
Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae * Wood Spurge
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow * Ascot Rainbow Spurge
Euphorbia Blackbird * Blackbird Spurge
Euphorbia milii * Crown of Thorns
Euphorbia myrsinites * Creeping Spurge, Myrtle Spurge
Euphorbia Royal Velvet * Royal Velvet Spurge
Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger * Tasmanian Tiger Spurge, Variegated Spurge
Evolvulus nuttallianus * Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory
Foeniculum vulgare rubrum * Bronze Fennel, Bronze Anise
Fragaria Pink Panda * Pink Panda Strawberry
Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush * Pineapple Crush Alpine Strawberry
Fritillaria biflora * Chocolate Lily
Fuchsia thymifolia * Thyme Leafed Fuchsia
Fuchsia thymifolia variegata * Variegated Thyme Leafed Fuchsia
Gaillardia aristata Arizona Apricot * Yellow Blanketflower
Gaillardia grandiflora * Blanketflower
Gaura lindheimeri * Bee Blossom
Geranium cantabrigiensis Biokovo * Mountain Geranium, Biokovo Geranium
Geranium cinereum Ballerina * Ballerina Geranium
Geranium cinereum Laurence Flatman * Laurence Flatman Geranium
Geranium harveyi * Silver Geranium
Geranium incanum * Carpet Geranium
Geranium Johnson's Blue * Johnson's Blue Geranium
Geranium macrorrhizum album * Bigroot Geranium
Geranium maderense * Madiera Cranesbill
Geranium Mavis Simpson * Mavis Simpson Geranium
Geranium renardii * Renard's Geranium
Geranium sanguinium striatum * Bloody Geranium
Geranium sessiliflorum nigricans * Dwarf Black Cranesbill
Geranium Stanhoe * Stanhoe Geranium
Geranium wallichianum Buxton's Blue * Buxton's Blue Geranium
Gladiolus dalenii * Corn Flag
Glaucium flavum * Yellow Horned Poppy, Hornpoppy
Glechoma hederacea variegata * Ale Ivy, Variegated Ground Ivy, Variegated Creeping Charley
Gnaphalium californicum * Pearly Everlasting
Graptopetalum paraguayense * Ghost Plant
Haemanthus albiflos
Hakonechloa macra Aureola * Japanese Forest Grass
Hedychium gardnerianum * Kahili Ginger
Hedychium gardnerianum Tara * Tara Ginger
Hedychium greenii * Scarlet Ginger
Helianthemum nummelarium Belgravia Rose * Dark Pink Sunrose, Belgravia Rose Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium Brunette * Orange Sunrose, Brunette Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium Rose Glory * Dark Pink Sunrose, Rose Glory Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium St Marys * White Sunrose, St Mary's Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium Stoplight * Red Sunrose, Stoplight Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium Wisley Pink * Wisley Pink Sunrose
Helianthemum nummelarium Wisley Primrose * Yellow Sunrose,Wisley Primrose Sunrose
Helictotrichon sempervirens * Blue Oat Grass
Heliotropium curassavicum * Salt Heliotrope
Helleborus orientalis * Lenten Rose
Hemerocallis Stella de Oro * Dwarf Yellow Daylily, Stella de Oro Daylily
Hesperaloe parviflora * Red Yucca
Hesperaloe parviflora Yellow * Yellow Red Yucca
Hesperocallis undulata * Desert Lily
Heuchera Canyon Duet * Canyon Duet Coral Bells
Heuchera firefly * Firefly Coral Bells
Heuchera maxima * Island Alumroot
Heuchera micrantha diversifolia Palace Purple * Palace Purple Alumroot
Heuchera Santa Ana Cardinal * Island Alum Root, Santa Ana Cardinal Coral Bells
Heuchera villosa Kassandra * Kassandra Coral Bells
Heucherella 'Bridget Bloom' * Foamy Bells
Hibiscus lasiocarpos (H. californicus) * Wooly Rose Mallow
Hippeastrum papilio * Butterfly Amaryllis
Hippeastrum Red White * Red White Amaryllis
Hunnemannia fumariifolia * Mexican Tulip Poppy
Iberis sempervirens * Candytuft
Ipheion uniflorum * Spring Star Flower
Ipomopsis aggregata * Scarlet Gilia
Iresine herbstii * Bloodleaf
Iris Black Gamecock * Louisiana Iris Black Gamecock
Iris Dorothea's Ruby * Pacific Coast Hybrid Iris Dorothea's Ruby
Iris hartwegii * Sierra Iris, Hartweg's Iris
Iris Nada * Iris japonica Nada, Butterfly Iris
Iris Pacific Coast Hybrids * California Native Iris
Ixia polystachya * African Corn Lily
Juncus tenuis Blue Dart * Blue Dart Path Rush
Justicia suberecta * Hummingbird Bush
Kalanchoe pumila * Flower Dust Plant
Kniphofia Blaze * Blaze Red Hot Poker
Kniphofia Christmas Cheer * Christmas Cheer Red Hot Poker
Kniphofia Shining Sceptre * Shining Sceptre Red Hot Poker
Lamium maculatum Shell Pink * Spotted Dead Nettle
Lampranthus aureus Orange Form * Orange Ice Plant
Leucanthemum superbum * Shasta Daisy
Lewisia cotyledon elise * Cliff Maids, Siskiyou Lewisia
Lewisia rediviva * Bitterroot
Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince * Canyon Prince Giant Rye
Libertia peregrinans * New Zealand Iris
Lilium parvum * Sierra Tiger Lily
Limonium minutum * Dwarf Statice
Limonium perezii * Statice, Sea Lavender
Linaria vulgaris * Butter and Eggs, Yellow Toadflax
Linum lewisii * Western Flax
Lirope Silver Dragon * Silver Dragon Lilyturf
Lobelia cardinalis * Cardinal Flower
Lobelia laxiflora * Mexican Cardinal Flower
Lomandra longifolia * Mat Rush
Lotus maculatus * Parrot's Beak
Ludwigia peploides * Water Primrose
Lychnis coronaria * Rose Campion, Johnny Prick Nose
Lycoris radiata * Red Spider Lily
Macropidia fuliginosa * Black Kangaroo Paws
Mirabilis jalapa * Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru
Mirabilis multiflora * Colorado Four O'Clock, Showy Four O'Clock
Miscanthus sinensis Cosmopolitan * Cosmopolitan Eulalia Grass
Miscanthus sinensis variegatus * Silver Grass
Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus * Zebra Grass
Monarda didyma * Bee Balm
Monardella lanceolata * Mustang Mint
Monardella odoratissima * Mountain Monardella
Muhlenbergia dubia * Pine Muhly Grass
Nematanthus wettsteinii * Goldfish Plant
Neomarica caerulea * Walking Iris, Apostle Plant
Nepeta faassenii * Faassen's Catmint
Oenothera elata hookeri * Hooker's Evening Primrose
Oenothera missouriensis * Evening Primrose, Ozark Sundrop
Oenothera speciosa * Mexican Evening Primrose
Ophiopogon japonicus nana * Dwarf Mondo Grass
Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens * Black Mondo Grass
Origanum dictamnus * Crete Dittany
Origanum Hopley's Purple * Hopley's Purple Oregano
Origanum Kaliteri * Greek Oregano
Origanum rotundifolium Kent Beauty * Kent Beauty Oregano
Oscularia deltoides * Pink Iceplant
Osteospermum fruticosum * Freeway Daisy
Osteospermum ecklonis Spider White * Spider White African Daisy
Oxalis oregana * Redwood Sorrel
Oxalis triangularis * Purple Shamrock
Pachyphytum compactum
Pachyphytum oviferum * Moonstones Succulent
Paeonia californica * California Peony
Parahebe lyallii
Pelargonium cordifolium * Heartleaf Geranium
Pelargonium fragrans * Nutmeg Geranium
Pelargonium quercifolium * Oakleaf Geranium
Pelargonium sidoides * Silverleaf Geranium
Pelargonium sidoides gloriana * Pink Silverleaf Geranium
Pelargonium tomentosum * Peppermint Scented Geranium
Pellaea andromedifolia * Coffee Fern
Pennisetum Cherry Sparkler * Cherry Sparkler Fountain Grass
Pennisetum Fireworks * Fireworks Fountain Grass
Pennisetum setaceum rubrum * Red Fountain Grass
Penstemon Apple Blossom * Pink Penstemon, Apple Blossom Beard Tongue
Penstemon Burgundy Brew * Burgundy Brew Beard Tongue
Penstemon centranthifolius * Scarlet Bugler
Penstemon cobaea * Prarie Beard Tongue, Foxglove Penstemon
Penstemon Evelyn * Evelyn Beard Tongue
Penstemon Firebird * Firebird Beard Tongue
Penstemon grinnellii * Grinnell's Penstemon
Penstemon heterophyllus * Foothill Penstemon
Penstemon Hidcote Pink * Hidcote Pink Beard Tongue
Penstemon Holly's White * Holly's White Beard Tongue
Penstemon Husker's Red * Husker's Red Beard Tongue
Penstemon Margarita BOP * Margarita BOP Penstemon, Mountain Penstemon
Penstemon Midnight * Purple flowered Penstemon, Midnight Beard Tongue
Penstemon parryi * Parry's Penstemon
Penstemon Raven * Raven Beard Tongue
Penstemon Red Rocks * Red Rocks Beard Tongue
Penstemon spectabilis * Showy Penstemon
Penstemon triflorus * Heller's Penstemon
Pentagramma triangularis * Gold Back Fern
Pentas lanceolata Pearl White * Pearl White Star Clusters
Pentas lanceolata Red * Red Star Clusters
Perovskia atriplicifolia * Russian Sage
Phlox subulata * Creeping Phlox
Phormium tenax Jack Spratt * Dwarf New Zealand Flax
Phormium Pink Stripe * New Zealand Flax
Phygelius capensis * Cape Fuchsia
Phygelius Moonraker * Yellow Cape Fuchsia, Moonraker Cape Fuchsia
Phygelius Pink Sensation * Pink Sensation Cape Fuchsia
Phyla nodiflora * Lippia
Physostegia virginiana * Obedient Plant, False Dragon's Head
Platycodon grandiflorus * Balloon Flower
Plectranthus argentatus * Silver Spur Flower
Plectranthus ciliatus Drege * Drege Spur Flower
Plectranthus Mona Lavender * Mona Lavender Spur Flower
Plectranthus neochilus * Lobster Flower
Poliomintha longiflora * Mexican Oregano
Polypodium californicum * California Polypody
Polystichum munitum * Western Sword Fern
Potentilla glandulosa * Sticky Cinquefoil
Prunella laciniata * Cutleaf Selfheal
Prunella vulgaris vulgaris * Common Selfheal
Prunella vulgaris lanceolata * Lance Selfheal
Pteridium aquilinum * Bracken Fern
Ranunculus repens pleniflorus * Double Creeping Buttercup
Ratibida columnifera * Mexican Hat, Upright Prairie Coneflower
Rehmannia elata * Chinese Foxglove
Rhodohypoxis baurii * Rose Grass
Rhynchelytrum nerviglume * Ruby Grass
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye * Black Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy
Ruellia brittoniana * Mexican Petunia
Rumex sanguineus * Bloody Dock, Red Veined Dock
Ruscus hypoglossum * Horse Tongue, Butcher's Broom
Russellia equisetiformis * Firecracker Plant
Russelia Night Lights Lemon * Night Lights Lemon Firecracker Plant
Salvia argentea * Silver Sage
Salvia blepharophylla * Eyelash Leaved Sage
Salvia coccinea Lady in Red * Texas Sage, Scarlett Sage
Salvia lyrata * Meadow Sage, Cancer Sage
Salvia muirii * Wild Sage
Salvia Mystic Spires Blue * Dwarf Indigo Spires Sage
Salvia nemerosa * Woodland Sage
Salvia patens * Gentian Sage
Salvia Purple Majesty * Purple Majesty Sage
Salvia sinaloensis * Sapphire Sage, Sinaloa Sage
Salvia spathacea * Hummingbird Sage
Salvia sylvestris May Night * May Night Sage, Woodland Sage
Salvia uliginosa * Blue Spike Sage, Brazilian Bog Sage
Salvia verticillata Purple Rain * Lilac Sage, Whorled Clary Sage
Saxifraga californica * California Saxifrage
Scabiosa Black Knight * Black Knight Pincushion
Scabiosa Buttefly Blue * Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa caucasica Fama Blue * Fama Blue Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa caucasica Perfecta Blue * Perfecta Blue Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa columbaria Pink Mist * Pink Mist Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa cretica * Balaeric Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa farinosa * Dwarf Pincushion Flower
Scabiosa ochroleuca * Yellow Pincushion Flower
Scaevola Blue Wonder * Blue Wonder Fairy Fan Flower
Scaevola Mauve Clusters * Mauve Clusters Fairy Fan Flower
Schizostylis coccinea * Kaffir Lily
Scilla peruviana * Peruvian Lily
Scrophularia auriculata variegata * Variegated Water Figwort
Scutellaria resinosa Smokey Hills * Prarie Skullcap
Scutellaria siphocampyloides * Greyleaf Skullcap
Sedum adolphii Firestorm * Golden Sedum, Adolph's Sedum
Sedum dasyphyllum * Corsican Stonecrop, Blue Tears Sedum
Sedum morganianum Burrito * Burrito Burro's Tail
Sedum spurium Tricolor * Two Row Stonecrop, Variegated Stonecrop
Sempervivum arachnoideum * Cobweb Houseleek
Sidalcea malvaeflora * Checker
Silene laciniata * Indian Pink, Cardinal Catchfly
Silene vulgaris maritima * Bladder Campion, Sea Campion
Sisyrinchium bellum * Blue Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium californicum * Yellow Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium Rocky Point * Rocky Point Blue Eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium striatum * Satin Flower, Rush Lily
Sisyrinchium striatum Aunt May * Variegated Satin Flower
Smilacina racemosa * False Solomon's Seal
Solidago californica * California Goldenrod
Sprekelia formosissima* Aztec Lily
Stachys albotomentosa Hildago * Hildago Stachys, Seven-up Plant
Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet * Lambs Ears
Stachys chrysantha * Yellow Stachys
Stanleya pinnata * Prince's Plume
Stapelia grandiflora * Carrion Plant, Starfish Flower
Stipa arundinacea * New Zealand Wind Grass
Stipa pulchra* Purple Needle Grass
Stipa speciosa * Desert Needle Grass
Stipa tenuissima * Mexican Feather Grass
Stokesia Blue Danube * Blue Danube Stokes Aster
Stokesia Peachie's Pick * Peachies Pick Stokes Aster
Stokesia Purple Parasols * Purple Parasols Stokes Aster
Symphyotrichum chilense * California Aster, Pacific Aster
Tagetes lucida * Mexican Tarragon
Tanacetum haradjanii * Silver Tansy
Tanacetum vulgare * Tansy
Teucrium ackermannii * Silver Germander
Teucrium cossonii * Fruity Germander
Teucrium majoricum * Fruity Germander
Teucrium marum * Cat Thyme
Thunbergia battescombei * Blue Boy, Blue Glory
Tillandsia hieroglyphica * King of the Bromeliads
Tithonia rotundifolia * Mexican Sunflower
Trachelium caeruleum * Throatwort
Tradescantia bossfeldiana * Flowering Inch Plant
Tradescantia pallida Purple Heart * Purple Wandering Jew
Tradescantia sillamontana * Cobwebby Spiderwort
Tricyrtis hirta * Toad Lily
Triteleia Rudy * Triplet Lily
Tulbaghia fragrans * Sweet Garlic
Veltheimia bracteata * Forest Lily
Verbena bonariensis * Purple Top Vervain
Verbena lilacina De La Mina * Cedros Island Verbena
Verbena rigida * Sandpaper Verbena
Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue * Speedwell
Viola hederacea * Ivy Leaf Violet
Vriesea hieroglyphica * King of the Bromeliads
Woodwardia fimbriata * Giant Chain Fern
Zantedeschia aethiopica * Calla Lily
Zauschneria californica * California Fuchsia
Zephyranthes candida * Fairy Lily
Zigadenas fremontii * Death Camas