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Aloe brevifolia ~ Short Leaved Aloe

Aloe brevifolia creates a colony as sea anemonies might. Pups of the Short Leaved Aloe are created generously. Aloe brevifolia rosettes are 6" or so but give them awhile and they form a mound 2 feet tall and wide or more. Aloe brevifolia is not particular about soil but they are not fond of a soggy situation. Aloe brevifolia is native to South Africa. The Short Leaved Aloe blooms from Fall into Winter with orange red blooms. Aloe brevifolia prefers full sun but will grow well in a shady patch though deep shade is not advised. Aloe brevifolia is Winter hardy to 25-30°F.

Aloe brevifolia, Short Leaved Aloe

Mounding colony of Aloe brevifolia - Short Leaved Aloe. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.