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Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush

Lomadra longifolia has done well for me in some of the most difficult conditions. I have grown it in full sun, dark shade, near swampy winters and baked summers without irrigation. All Lomandra longifolia has done is produce sweet smelling blooms. While the fragrant spikes on the flowers look like they could do some real damage when you go to smell them they are not very stiff. Plants can be expected to grow to 5 feet tall and wide, the dwarf varieties 3-4 feet. Lomandra longifolia is a natural understory to Eucalyptus. Two dwarf varieties of Lomandra that are available in the marketplace are Gary's Dwarf, and Breeze (aka Tanika). Our plants have shown no winter damage when temperatures dipped into the mid teens.

Lomandra longifolia, Mat Rush

Spiny stalk of fragrant cream colored flowers of Lomandra longifolia - Mat Rush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.