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June Garden Calendar

June always feels like a say it isn't so kind of month. Periods of drippy fog, June Gloom followed by hints or even blasts of Summer. At least the June Gloom is pleasant to work in but the humidity often causes problems for mildew prone plants. Peas start to fade, roses look sad, poppies and lupines are going to seed. And then it gets hot and the gardener starts to wilt while the plants recover a bit. Poppies and lupines have seed pods that are ready to scatter or save for next year, peas too. Planting beans, squash, cucumbers peppers, and a host of Summer vegetables. The vegetable garden is in flux, though the food is pouring into the kitchen. For the garden there is still a chance to get that last plant in the ground, though each week the amount of work to establish increases and the chance of success drops. Digitalis Illumination Flame blooms from late Spring into Summer

June Garden Calendar

Roses will do well to have a vigorous pruning, not like Winter rose pruning, but this is hardly the time to be gentle. Watch for new canes or shoots on each part of the rose, and cut off the older material above the new growth. This is one of the best times to keep that rose forever young. Canes are in their prime for only about 3 years. So every chance to add some young shoots should be taken advantage of. Trimming hard encourages new growth and removes plant material that has spent too much time fighting off fungal spores.

There are a slew of bugs wreking havok in our urban forest. Looking for damaged branches and removing them can remove insects that are still in the egg or larval stages. Many of the bugs do damage both by boring into the branches as well as destroying the foliage. They often are vectors for fungus as well. A good time to have pruners or a sharp saw at the ready.

Want a crop of Summer vegetables there is still time. The soil is warm, seeds pop up quickly. It takes regular water to get it all going but this is the season. Drought tolerant plants are a different story. They require a chance to get their roots out into the surrounding soil to be drought tolerant. It is still possible but many of those drought tolerant plants are ever more likely to rot the more they get watered as things heat up. It is still possible, but nature is putting up a stronger and stronger headwind you as you progress through the month.