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January Garden Calendar

January feels like the busiest month for me. The fruit trees are starting to bloom and I like to prune them before they expend all that energy to branches I am going to prune away. So it becomes a race against the blooming cycle. This year has been pretty warm and I have seen buds swelling already. Roses need pruning too, I like to get them finished by the middle of the month. This year is an off year for the roses I have kept them on the dry side and they are sending out shoots like it is spring because they are getting a greater proprotion of their wants met. On top of that it is bare root season. This is the certainly the most economical time to buy plants. And planting while they are dormant puts the least stress on the plants. The ones that are not bought now get put into containers for later, but since there isn't enough room for the roots many roots get cut back to make them fit. It is still a good time to transplant perennials while they are dormant. Since we still have not had a decent rain I am still waiting to scatter wildflower seeds. Ahhh . . . this is a busy season. Thankfully without rain the weeds have not started up in earnest yet, small favors.

December Garden Calendar

White flowers are nice in Summer Myrtus communis variegata - variegated foliage is always in season. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

December Garden Calendar

Breynia disticha - Snow Bush, has Winter color even when not in bloom. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

I am still harvesting garlic, but it is starting to sprout so the cloves showing green get tucked back in for next year. The peas are looking sharp, nothing to eat yet but looking good. Fava beans and greens my kitchen garden is looking pretty lush. With all of the fires there seem to be more sparrows and finches than ever and all of them hungry. I have put out extra feeders to keep them from eating the greens and I have netted the beds to make the birds have to work a little harder to get in to eat my lettuce. I thought I had really taken care of the problem until I went down to water and flushed 3 sparrows out from under the netting. They didn't even seem to be delayed by the birdnet. But since the plants are now surviving I think I have tipped the balance back in my favor.