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July Garden Calendar

July and hot seem like they are synonomous this year. I water early in the day and late, heat of the day and stray water drops burn the leaves. Mulch is a good thing, it slows evaporation. And for myself I drink water as I go, and I drink plenty the night before working outdoors. I wear my shade, long sleaves (UV protected) and hat. On many projects I can time tasks so I end up in the shade more often. For the plants, I water them deeply and as infrequently as I dare. This helps draw the roots out into the surrounding soil. I am careful of hard pruning. Allowing sunlight to leaves that were used to shade can burn the leaves. So when I need to reduce a plant, I thin mostly from the inside. The July Calendar plant of the month is Begonia Santa Cruz Sunset.

July Garden Calendar

Roses will struggle with this heat, they often abandon their flowers. Thankfully roses are tougher than they look and usually recover once conditions become more reasonable.

It is a good time to edge the lawn, not just with the weedeater but with a shovel. Most lawn grasses have runners, either on the surface or underground. Cutting them off and loosening the soil with a shovel is a good thing to do a few times a year. Grass is growing its best right now if there is enough good water available.

The vegetable patch is doing well, so long as I water it well. Tomatos are coming on, berries are grand, squash is poking along, but the beans, the beans are doing great.