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August Garden Calendar

A Hurricane to the south and the weather in August turns sour. We often have heat but we rarely get much humidity in August. Watering automatically at night. Watering by hand in the mornings or in the evening. At sunset the plants are looking pretty tired, an hour later they have perked up a lot. Deep watering does a lot to keep the garden alive when the heat is on. I am doing a lot of trimming. There are several insect pests that are up to no good. Removing wood damaged by the boring beetles can save your plants. Making sure that the plants are irrigated properly allows the plants to defend themselves. They push sap into the galleries that the beetles have created, drowning the beetles. Deadheading will keep plants blooming when they might otherwise go dormant in the heat.

July Garden Calendar

Black Berries and Tomatos are the stars of my garden right now. Squash, cucumbers and beans are looking fine. I am preparing gardens for planting, taking care of the tasks that can be done now so I will have as much of planting season available to plant the plants.