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Agastache Raspberry Summer * Raspberry Summer Hummingbird Mint

Agastache Raspberry Summer is another spectacularly colorful Hummingbird Mint. Agastache Raspberry Summer can grow to 2 feet tall and wide. The plants are very particular about their soil. The need well drained soil. I often keep them in containers when the soil in the garden is not a perfect match. Heat is not a problem. Regular irrigation also helps a lot. The root crowns need to dry between irrigation cycles. And they rot away quickly in soggy soil. Think sandy gravel on a stream bank well above the water level. The long slender raspberry pink flowers attract hummingbirds and the roots attract gophers. Care should be taken for the latter.

Agastache Raspberry Summer, Raspberry Summer Hummingbird Mint

Flowers of Agastache Raspberry Summer the Raspberry Summer Hummingbird Mint. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.