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Cosmos atrosanguineus * Chocolate cosmos

There is the forever lure of chocolate. I love the look of chocolate cosmos but have had poor luck in over wintering it. Cosmos atrosanguineus is marginally winter hardy, just not at my house. Chocolate Cosmos dies back completely during the winter and the tops return late in the season, be patient, but not expectant, as I have lost it much more frequently than I have kept it going. Drainage is an absolute requirement. If you find this beauty and figure it for an annual you will not be so disappointed. It is worth the trouble for the show and the source of conversation material. I bought Cosmos atrosanguineus for the supposedly chocolate scented flowers but I have yet to smell the aroma of chocolate or find someone that did. The deep red flowers of Cosmos atrosanguineus do give an aura of sophistication to a garden. It is those flowers that never dissapoint and keep me coming back again and again.

Other Chocolate Plants include the Ajuga Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Vine and the Chocolate Lily

High resolution photos of Cosmos atrosanguineus are part of our garden image collection.

Cosmos atrosanguineus, Chocolate Cosmos