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Limonium perezii - Statice, Sea Lavender

Limonium perezii is a stalwart garden plant. Statice blooms will dry with quite a lot of color on them. The actual blossoms of Sea Lavender are white, it is the purple bracts that hold on for so long and provide the big show. Limonium perezii will look its best if the oldest looking blossoms are removed every month or so. The flowers can be used in dry arrangements and hold for a long time. Statice plants are hardy into the mid-20°'s. Statice will tolerate a variety of conditions. Limonium perezii will produce some seedlings in a soggy part of the yard. I try to cut out all of the old leaves at least once each year. Otherwise snails tend to take up residence in the clutter and can damage the base of the plants. Limonium perezii will grow in full sun and will still bloom better than most in a dry lightly shaded location.

Limonium perezii, Statice, Sea Lavender

Purple and white flowers of Limonium perezii - Statice or Sea Lavender. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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