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Sedum morganianum Burrito - Burrito Burro's Tail

Sedum morganianum Burrito has tight densely clustered rosettes of gray leaves on thin stems that trail gracefully over small walls or from hanging pots. The Burrito Burro's Tail blooms from late Summer into Fall. Our plants have trailed up to several feet and grow to less than a foot tall.. In a shaded garden Sedum morganianum Burrito doesn't require much additional water. Overhead water on plants in the sun can burn the foliage. Sedum morganianum Burrito turns more of a dusty white in full sun. And if in containers tends to stress in full sun in hotter garden locations without semi-regular water. Sedum morganianum Burrito requires decent drainage and doesn't do well with foot traffic. The Burrito Burro's Tail is Winter hardy into the mid-20s°F.

High resolution photos of Sedum morganianum Burrito are part of our garden image collection.

Sedum morganianum Burrito, Burrito Burro's Tail