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Scaevola Mauve Clusters - Fairy Fan Flower

Scaevola Mauve Clusters is almost always blooming. This Fairy Fan Flower generally stays below 6" tall and can spread up to a couple of feet across. Scaevola Mauve Clusters will tolerate light traffic, hot sun and a fairly low water diet. Temperatures can dip into the low 20°s F before the foliage gets damaged. I have grown Scaevola Mauve Clusters in full sun as well as in the shade of some oaks. Surprisingly even when circumstances look most dire and there is nothing left alive above ground Scaevola Muave Clusters will make a comeback from the roots.

High resolution photos of Scaevola Mauve Clusters are part of our garden image collection.

Scaevola Mauve Clusters, Fairy Fan Flower