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Anemone September Charm ~ Single Pink Japanese Anemone

The Anemone September Charm, like all of the Japanese Anemones is a little enthusiastic. This is never a problem in the fall. It is the rest of the year that one has some second thoughts. With flowers like these I plant Anemone September Charm anyways. I love single flowers and this silvery pink is a standout. I try to plant Anemone September Charm in a spot that would be difficult for other plants to grow. This makes a great plant for dark corners, background nooks, and even a groundcover to mix with larger shrubs. The flower stalks are about 18" to 24" tall. Anemone September Charm foliage grows about a foot tall. The Japanese Anemone will spread by runners, sometimes a couple of feet per year. They are easy to pull out, but at a pace like that they can take over pretty quickly. Isolating them by only providing water to their area and nothing around them works pretty well too.

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Anemone September Charm