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Erigeron Wayne Roderick * Seaside Daisy

For all of the aspects that you might think of as a Native Plant, you might have to say this Erigeron is different. The leaves are a lush green and it flowers all the time except possibly the depths of winter. Erigeron Wayne Roderick flowers are a lavender blue with yellow centers. It is tolerant of abuse. My dog scratched off every living bit above the soil line looking for a place to lie where it was cool. Erigeron Wayne Roderick came back, and many of the pieces that were dug out rooted and are now growing in other parts of the yard. It is ruggedly drought tolerant once established. It does not take shade kindly, especially if you water much there. Erigeron Wayne Roderick is a food source for the Painted Lady Butterfly, California Dogface Butterfly, and the Common Buckeye and is a great addition to the butterfly garden.

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Erigeron Wayne Roderick, Seaside Daisy