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Oxalis regnellii rubra - Wood Sorrel

Oxalis regnellii rubra is a dependable source of red foliage. I grow them primarily in containers because Oxalis bulbs tend to be pretty aggressive. Many species drop very tiny bulbs when you dig them up. I have not had any trouble with this species, but others have given the Oxalis neighborhood a bad reputation. One of the nice aspects of this Wood Sorrel as a container plant is that if they do get too dry they are bulbs and they do come back. I have had some issue with rust on the foliage. To counteract this I strip the diseased leaves and try to water without splashing the leaves. The markings on the tops of the leaves are great. The contrast between the tops and bottoms of the leaves interesting and the boldly contrasting flowers fantastic as an attention getter. Oxalis regnellii rubra will bloom indoors with strong indirect light.

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Oxalis regnellii rubra