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Achillea clavennae * Silver Yarrow

The flat fuzzy dissected gray green leaves makes the foliage a great show alone. Achillea clavennae is a little weaker in the garden than Achillea kellereri which has similar uses, both have fragrant foliage, silver leaves and white flowers. The leaves are broader in Achillea clavennae and therefore a little more showy when massed. The foliage is about 2" tall and gradually forms an expanding clump over the seasons. The flowers grow on stalks up to 4" tall. A summer repeat bloom can be encouraged by deadheading the fading flowers. Achillea clavinae is a native of the Alps. Good drainage helps keep plants from rotting. Achillea clavennae is a nectar source for the Variable Checkerspot Butterfly and the Painted Lady Butterfly and is a great addition to the butterfly garden.

Achillea clavennae, Silver Yarrow

Flat silver pinnate leaves of Achillea clavennae and white flowers of the Silver Yarrow.