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Achillea Moonshine * Moonshine Yarrow

The flat fuzzy dissected gray green leaves of Achillea taygetea moonshine are a great show even when the plants are not flowering. The pastel yellow flowers hold for a long time on the plants and are great as cut or dried flowers. The Achillea moonshine has fragrant foliage that is about 1' tall and gradually expands in width over the years. The flowers grow on stalks up to 24" tall. A summer repeat bloom can be encouraged by deadheading the fading flowers. I do this 2-3 times per season. This yarrow is the result of a cross between Achillea cypeolata and Achillea taygetea. Achillea moonshine is a nectar source for the Checkerspot Butterfly and the Painted Lady Butterfly and is a great addition to the butterfly garden.

Achillea Moonshine, Moonshine Yarrow

Flowers and foliage of Achillea Moonshine the Moonshine Yarrow. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.