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Variable Checkerspot Butterfly - Euphydryas chalcidona

The Variable Checkerspot Butterfly is in our gardens in April and May. This one is sipping the nectar of Scabiosa farinosa, one of the pincushion flowers. The caterpillars eat Plantain, Penstemon and Snowberry. Since nearly everyone has Plantain even if you don't want it. You likely have the host plants for this beauty. Plantain has been called "Englishman's Foot" due to its great ability to thrive in almost any conditions that we can. Or any place an Englishman may have ever been. The Chinese Houses, Collinisa heterophylla and Sticky Chinese Houses, Collinsia tinctoria are also hosts for the Variable Checkerspot. The experts argue as to the correct species for this group of variable butterflys. The adults eat nectar from a wide variety of flowers.

High resolution photos of the Variable Checkerspot Butterfly are part of our garden image collection.

Variable Checkerspot Butterfly, Eyphydryas chalcidona