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Keckiella cordifolia - Bush Penstemon

This semi trailing shrub can leap up and through its neighbors. The Bush Penstemon is great in the native landscape due to the late spring and summer blooming. Keckiella cordifolia can get to 6 feet tall but will sometimes reach greater proportions using other plants for support. Honeysuckle Penstemon is usually found on north facing slopes or under the shade of trees in the riparian zone. Keckiella cordifolia will take frosty temperatures into the teens but will show some damage. It is also known as Penstemon cordifolia by some but this name has generally been replaced by Keckiella. The Bush Penstemon is a great choice for the Hummingbird Garden.

High resolution photos of Keckiella cordifolia are part of our garden image collection.

Keckiellia cordifolia