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Trichostema lanatum - Woolly Blue Curls

Trichostema lanatum grows in disturbed areas in the wild, often found on roadsides and along trails. Woolly Blue Curls thrives during the years following a fire. Trichostema lanatum has blue flowers that are loved by many because of their color and the long stamens that stick out of the flowers. The plants are sticky when touched. Woolly Blue Curls requires a well drained soil in the garden. Trichostema lanatum plants will quickly rot if they are irrigated too much and the soil does not drain well. If the conditions can be made right they can bloom most of the year. Large containers can work if your soil is impossible. Trichostema lanatum attracts the California Dogface Butterfly and the Monarch Butterfly to its blooms and is a great addition to the butterfly garden

Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls

Blue flowers of Trichostema lanatum - Woolly Blue Curls. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.