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Cistus purpureus * Purple Rockrose, Orchid Rockrose

Cistus purpureus, the Orchid Rockrose is large in every way: flowers, height, width. The rich pink blooms (3" or more) are beautifully marked with a purple-red eye at the base of each petal. This is set of nicely by the dense cluster of stamens in the center. The shrub can get to 5' tall by 8' wide. It can be sheared to keep it to size. I do this in the late spring or early summer when the blooming is finished. I do not cut them below the lowest leaves as those branches often die back. This rockrose is the result of a cross between C. ladanifer X C. incanus creticus. I have seen plants growing in all types of soil. And I have seen them thrive on minimal summer watering. If there is a rockrose that is likely to escape into the wild it is this one.

High resolution photos of Cistus purpureus are part of our garden image collection.

Cistus purpureus, Orchid Rockrose, Purple Rockrose