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Cistus skanbergii * Pink Rockrose

Cistus skanbergii has been a regular plant in my landscapes. I use this Rockrose because it blooms prolifically, it performs on little water and it is the only rockrose that blooms repeatedly for me. I get a smattering of flowers all summer and fall, as well as the massive spring bloom that can almost completely cover the plants in pink. I have grown Cistus skanbergii in all kinds of soils from boggy to well drained. It gets about 4' tall and in time can get 6-8' or more across. I often shear them back after blooming to keep them in check. I love the 1.5" crinkly pastel blooms. When photographing the flowers look their best in the morning.

Cistus skanbergii, Pink Rockrose

Flowers and foliage of Cistus skanbergii - Pink Rockrose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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