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Paeonia californica - California Peony

Paeonia californica is a pleasant surprise to many. Most are not aware that we have a California native peony. I have usually found the California Peony low on the sides of canyons or on well lit North facing slopes. Generally they are in soil with some clay content but always where there is good drainage due to the steepness of the slope. The foliage will appear in the middle of Winter and the flowers in March. The flowers are nodding and often go un-noticed. The plants will die back to their roots as Spring progresses. The bicolored foliage is often very fragrant, and kind of stinky so it would be best not to plant these in an area where they might be disturbed.

High resolution photos of Paeonia californica are part of our garden image collection.

Paeonia californica, California Peony