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Oenothera speciosa - Mexican Evening Primrose

Oenothera speciosa is halfway between being the best plant I ever planted and the worst. The Mexican Evening Primrose has all of the tools for self replication with both aggressive running roots and fertile seeds. Oenothera speciosa can make a whole hillside turn pink and with a long blooming period this makes for a huge impact. When Oenothera speciosa finally looks tired in the late Fall or because I stopped watering a month before I mow it to the ground. Early in the Spring it is back and blooming by mid April. The easiest way to contain Oenothera speciosa is by leaving a wide area around it with no supplemental water, and maybe it will stay within the prescribed oasis. Oenothera speciosa is Winter hardy well below anything likely to be seen in California, Oenothera speciosa has not had any issue with the mid teens in our garden.

Oenothera speciosa, Mexican Evening Primrose

Pink flower and buds of Oenothera speciosa - Mexican Evening Primrose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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