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Calochortus monophyllus * Yellow Star Tulip

The closer you look at the flower the more richly ornate it appears. It was a wonderful surprise to see this bulb growing up through the rocks, broken branches and tumbled Spring growth. Calochortus monophyllus can be found within the elevations of the Yellow Pine forest down to into the oak woodlands. The flowers are yellow, about 1" across. The English translation of mariposa means butterfly. I have seen the flowers of many species attract beetles but from a distance there could be a pretty strong butterfly resemblance. They bloom in mid-spring. The native range of this species is the Sierra Nevada Range at elevations ranging from 1200 to 3600 feet. In the garden they will rot with summer irrigation. This one was found on red clay soil in the grassy under-story to Quercus kellogii.

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Calochortus monophyllus, Yellow Star Tulip