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Calochortus catalinae * Catalina Mariposa Lily

Calochortus catalinae is the most widespread of the Mariposa Lilies in our local wildlands. In May when the Catalina Mariposa Lilies start to open I find them to be a special joy. The intricacy of the pattern in the bloom draws my interrest almost as well as it does for the insects. There are almost always a slew of interesting beetles and bees negotiating their way about the hairy nectaries. Calochortus catalinae grows in moderately heavy soils in grassland and open woodlands. This California native can be found in the southern coastal ranges and the channel islands below the elevation of 2,000 ft. On the mainland the Catalina Mariposa Lily's range is threatened by development they grow best where it is cheap and easy to plant houses. Plant Calochortus catalinae where the garden will be dry for the Summer as the bulbs rot easily otherwise.

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Calochortus catalinae, Catalina Mariposa Lily

Flowers, foliage of Calochortus catalinae the Catalina Mariposa Lily and a couple of beetles. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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