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Dymondia margaretae ~ Silver Carpet

Dymondia margaretae is a popular lawn substitute. It will handle more than moderate traffic and survive on a much lower water diet than grass. Don't be mislead by the photo, the flowers are 1/2" across at best and can often be much smaller in drought or high traffic conditions I frequently use Dymondia between stepping stones. The roots do well with the extra protection of the stone. In my garden Dymondia margaretae has survived my three dogs and kids with almost no additional water, though it gets a little scruffy in the high traffic zones. Dymondia is native to the coastal plains of South Africa. It is hardy to 20° F.

Dymondia margaretae, Silver Carpet

Flowers and foliage of Dymondia margaretae - Silver Carpet. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.