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Hippeastrum papilio - Butterfly Amaryllis

Hippeastrum papilio is an epiphytic plant from tropical Brazil. Planted in well drained soil or in an equally well drained container the Butterfly Amaryllis grows well in shaded and partial sun parts of the garden. Hippeastrum papilio will tolerate light frost. The leaves are evergreen if the climate is not too harsh. Hippeastrum papilio is pretty darn drought tolerant, especially in light of its tropical origins. Hippeastrum papilio grows to 24" tall and slowly spreads by dividing the bulbs after each bloom. Butterfly Amaryllis blooms in the wild in the Fall but will often bloom after any period of stress. Hippeastrum papilio is endangered in its native habitat.

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Hippesatrum papilio, Butterfly Amaryllis

Striped flowers of Hippeastrum papilio - Butterfly Amaryllis. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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