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Sisyrinchium californicum - Yellow Eyed Grass

Sisyrinchium californicum grows on the West coast of North America from Central California North. Sisyrinchium californicum can be found in meadows or emergent wetlands. While it can survive a dry Summer a moist Spring helps a lot. Sisyrinchium californicum blooms in mid-Spring through to Summer. The Yellow Eyed Grass grows in a dense clump 8-12" tall. Where conditions are good Sisyrinchium californicum will spread by seed. If growing the Yellow eyed grass near a stream, keep it back and up so the crown dries out. In a dry meadow setting, shear off the dried foliage in Winter to allow the new growth to look its best. Yellow Eyed Grass is hardy into the mid teens.

Sisyrinchium californicum, Yellow Eyed Grass

Yellow flower of Sisyrinchium californicum - Yellow Eyed Grass. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.