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Miscanthus Cosmopolitan - Eulalea Grass

Miscanthus Cosmopolitan, goes by a number of common names: Japanese Silver Grass, Chinese Silver Grass, Variegated Eulalea Grass, and Variegated Maiden Grass. Regardless of the name you choose to call it this is a big enthusiastic plant. The midrib is green an white strips go up each side of the leaf. The canes easily reach 6-8 feet and can get to 10 feet tall in a good location. Miscanthus sinensis variegatus has multiple white stripes up the middle of the leaves. I cut these grasses back near the end of winter as the season starts to warm. At about this time the new shoots are forming and the old material has done its best to protect the new growth from frost. If you are looking for plants that provide seasonal interest, from the variegated foliage, to the dry plumes this is an entertaining addition to the landscape. I have had a minimal amount of starts from seedlings, they generally don't come true. Division is an easier method of propagation. Plants prefer regular water but will get by on a moderate diet.

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Miscanthus sinesis Cosmopolitan