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Nematanthus wettsteinii - Goldfish Plant

Nematanthus wettsteinii, or Goldfish plant is hardier than it looks. The Goldfish Plant grows well in light shade and are often planted in hanging baskets. The goldfish shaped flowers are often blooming early Spring through Fall in warmer gardens. The goldfish plant can grow in full sun to light shade near the coast but requires sun protection for inland gardens. Good drainage helps tremendously If planted in the ground the goldfish plants can be quite drought tolerant. Goldfish plants can be easily started from cuttings. Some folks get skin irritation from the juices of these plants. I had one goldfish plant limp back from a Winter bout with temperatures in the low 20°s, but it took a couple of months before it started growing again. With overhead protection plants are generally hardy into the high 20°s F.

High resolution photos of Nematanthus wettsteinii are part of our garden image collection.

Nematanthus wettsteinii, Goldfish Plant