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Dahlia imperialis ~ Tree Dahlia

may be the biggest fastest perennials you will ever grow. The Tree Dahlia can grow to 12-16 feet tall. The canes are the size of timber bamboo and kind of look like it too. Dahlia imperialis blooms in the late Fall and into January. Even a moderate frost will singe off the flowers so this beauty needs to be planted in a near frost free location. Dahlia imperialis is native to Mexico. The tree dahlia can be found with single pink flowers, white flowers and double flowers of each color. I try to plant Dahlia imperialis in a full sun location, preferably on a South exposure. Dahlia imperialis is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the Painted Lady Butterfly

Dahlia imperialis, Tree Dahlia

Flowers and foliage of Dahlia imperialis - Tree Dahlia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.