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Asclepias subulata ~ Rush Milkweed, Skeleton Milkweed

Asclepias subulata can be found in the Deserts to the South and East of Los Angeles. Asclepias subulata grows 3-4 feet tall and wide on a variety of soil types but requires dry summer conditions. Asclepias subulata blooms with sprays of white flowers late Spring to Fall if it rains enough, or into summer if it does not. Asclepias subulata loses its leaves early hence the common names Rush Milkweed and Skeleton Milkweed. This plant is being pollinated by the California Hairstreak. The milkweeds are a frequent food and nectar source for native bees and butterflies including the Gray Hairstreak and Monarch Butterfly. Asclepias erosa is a great addition to the butterfly garden as well as the native wildflower garden. The large wasp is a Tarantula Hawk. The Tarantula Hawk is commonly found feeding on the nectar of many of the native Asclepias species. While they look pretty terrifying they are actually pretty evenly tempered.

Asclepias subulata, Rush Milkweed, Skeleton Milkweed, California Hairstreak

Creamy white Flowers of Asclepias subulata the Rush Milkweed or Skeleton Milkweed being pollinated by a California Hairstreak. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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