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Alstroemeria Sussex Gold ~ Golden Chilean Lily

Alstroemeria Sussex Gold is a medium-tall sized cultivar of the Chilean Lily's at 24-36" tall. The Golden Chilean Lily will form a gradually spreading clump, this variety is reasonably controlable. The stems tend to flop when they get wet. I have found the Golden Chilean Lily to work well in a setting that includes low shrubbery that the Alstroemeria stalks can grow up through and a not so fussy ambiance. The woody branches will support the flower stems. The golden yellow colored flowers make a vibrant show in the mid to late Spring through Summer to first frost in the Fall. The varieties that have a lot of yellow are often more likely to be dormant during the winter. All of the Alstroemeria species make excellent long lasting cut flowers. Alstroemeria Sussex Gold is Winter hardy with night temperatures into the mid-teens.

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Alstroemeria Sussex Gold