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Scrophularia auriculata variegata - Variegated Water Figwort

Scrophularia auriculata variegata is one of the more striking variegated perennials. The tiny quarter inch dark maroon flowers are interesting for their shape but the Variegated Water Figwort is really grown for the leaves. Scorphularia auriculata variegata is fairly drought tolerant if it must be, but the leaves crisp around the edges fairly quickly, rapidly making the main reason for growing the plant untenable. With moderately moist soil the Variegated Water Figwort is spectacular. Plants bloom Spring into Summer. Scrophularia auriculata variegata grows well in light shade or strong reflected light and can get up to 4-5 feet tall. Plants are hardy to zone 6.

High resolution photos of Scrophularia auriculata variegata are part of our garden image collection.

Scrophularia auriculata variegata, Variegated Water Figwort