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Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue - Speedwell

Veronica Georgia Blue provides colorful flowers to our perennial border through Spring and into the early part of Summer. Through the remainder of the year there are almost always a few blooms. Speedwell takes a brief respite during the hard frost period around the first of the year, and I am not certain that there wasn't a bloom on it then, but once we get a bit of sunshine Veronica Georgia Blue is back in bloom. Compared to this Speedwell's native Russia we are always in Spring and Summer. Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue plants are only 3-4" tall but they slowly spread to 2 feet or more in a dense mat that is full of blooms. Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue might be used in much the same ways a Lobelia would be, except the Veronica foliage consistently looks much better.

High resolution photos of Veronica Georgia Blue are part of our garden image collection.

Veronica peduncularis Georgia Blue