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Lotus maculatus - Parrot's Beak

Lotus maculatus, the Parrot's Beak is one of the more spectacular trailing pot or groundcover plants around. Lotus maculatus will do best in a full sun, inland location. I put the Parrot's Beak on a south facing slope where there will be zero traffic. The stems are brittle enough to die back when they have been bent or crushed, even a little. Our Parrot's Beak plants have grown 3-6 inches tall and 6 feet or more in width. I have had the best luck with regular drip irrigation. Overhead water causes problems with leaf burn. I have had difficulties with Lotus maculatus when temperatures drop much below 28° F and like its dead kind of difficulties when temperatures drop into the low 20°s F.

Lotus maculatus, Parrot's Beak

Orange red striped flowers of Lotus maculatus - Parrot's Beak. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.