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Arctotis acaulis Torch Purple * Torch Purple African Daisy

Arctotis Torch Purple may be "just" a glorified gazania,and it is in a closely related genus. But this South African native puts on a great show, particularly if the time is taken to strip off the dead flowers. While tedious deadheading might be an appropriate thought if too many have been planted, if reason is used at planting time Arctotis acaulis torch purple is well worth the effort and the deadheading dramatically extends the blooming period. There will be a wealth of 2" blooms from early spring through hard frost. It is hardy into the mid teens if it hardens off slowly enough. Other colors of Arctotis are more tender and often spread more than is appropriate for a perennial garden. I use Arctotis Torch Purple frequently.

Arctotis acaulis Torch Purple, Torch Purple African Daisy