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Arum palaestinum ~ Black Calla Lily, Solomon's Lily

Arum palaestinum or Black Calla Lily has a long history with people. It is poisonous if eaten fresh. But properly prepared Solomon's Lily has been used as food and medicine for centuries. Arum palaestinum is native to the eastern Mediterrenean and goes by a wealth of common names including most commonly Solomon's Lily and Palestine Lily. Arum palaestinum will tolerate garden conditions but will do well in our dry environment sprouting from bulbs in late Winter and going dormant by late Spring. Black and Purple flowers are often fly attractors and Arum palaestinum is no exception, using a fragrance of yeast or rotting fruit as its calling card. Arum palaestinum is often found in rocky outcrops but will persist in seasonally soggy clay as well. Arum palaestinum is noted for being difficult to remove from a garden. The bulbs offset little bulbs with great enthusiasm, and even the tiniest of these will often survive. Arum palaestinum has naturalized in California and will readily do so in your garden. Arum palaestinum grows well in sun or shade but flowers far better in full sun. The flowers of Arum palaestinum are very exotic looking and the Black Calla Lily has been a garden favorite since the Victorian era due to the flowers, medicinal history and ease of care. Arum palaestinum has been Winter hardy into the low teens °F in our garden staying dormant until the worst of the frost is past.

Arum palaestinum, Black Cala Lily, Solomon's Lily

Black fading to Purple flowers of Arum palaestinum - Black Calla Lily, Solomon's Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.