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Hesperocallis undulata - Desert Lily, Ajo Lily

Hesperocallis undulata, the Desert Lily grows in sandy washes and open desert slopes. Hesperocallis undulata blooms between February and May and will be brought out of hibernation by a good rain after being dry. The Desert Lily is also known as the Ajo Lily. It was used for food by the Native Americans and is said to taste like garlic. Hesperocallis undulata prefers well drained soils and dry summers. The leaves can grow to 18" and resemble a green version of the leaves of the Soaproot, Chlorogalum, though not as wavy. The Desert Lily blooms briefly but what a bloom, flower stalks on a good year can reach 30"

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Hesperocallis undulata, Desert Lily

Hesperocallis undulata