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Salvia uliginosa - Blue Spike Sage

I have grown Salvia uliginosa in moderate to strong light conditions. The Blue Spike Sage will survive on limited water but really prefers a regular drink. As one might think with a common name like Swamp Sage. Without adequate water the plants look pretty ratty in the summer, but I have yet to lose one due to drought. I guess you have to be pretty tough to live in a swamp. In its native habitat in Brazil and Argentina it grows in boggy areas. Salvia uliginosa produces an abundance of these blue flowers Spring through Fall. The foliage has a scent that I find unpleasant so I plant Salvia uliginosa a bit back from the walk. It gets about 3 feet or so tall and goes dormant for the winter. I prune them to the ground at that time. Blue Spike Sage proliferates vigorously with root stolons. While Salvia uliginosa is enthusiastic I would not call it aggressive but in some moist gardens that can be a close call. Salvia uliginosa is a great nectar source for the Mournful Duskywing and the California Dogface Butterfly and is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden as well as the hummingbird garden.

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Salvia uliginosa