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Zephyranthes candida - Fairy Lily

Zephyranthes candida is one of those magic plants in the garden. Try as you might you can never get it to bloom. Then one day you come out into the garden and the Fairy Lily is in full flower. Most of the time Zephyranthes candida looks like a dark green grass, about 6-8" tall. Then for a couple of weeks it is a field of white. Zephyranthes candida prefers decent drainage but grows well in full sun or in light shade. Some water is required in our area but not much. The Fairy Lily bulbs bloom in the Summer and Fall and can repeat bloom. Zephyranthes candida is hardy to the mid teens.

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Zephyranthes candida, Fairy Lily

White flowers of Zephyranthes candida - Fairy Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.