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Miscanthus sinensis variegatus - Silver Grass

Miscanthus sinensis variegatus, goes by a number of common names: Japanese Silver Grass, Chinese Silver Grass, Variegated Eulalea Grass, and Variegated Maiden Grass. Compared to Miscanthus Cosmopolitan this grass is an easier plant to fit in the garden, but doesn't make quite as much of a statement. The plants are typically 4-6 feet tall and wide. Where Miscanthus Cosmopolitan has white stripes up the edges of the leaves, Miscanthus sinensis variegatus has multiple white stripes up the center of the leaf. Division is an easier method of propagation. Plants prefer regular water but will get by on a moderate diet.

High resolution photos of Miscanthus sinensis variegatus are part of our garden image collection.

Miscanthus sinensis variegatus, Silver Grass