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Heuchera Wendy - Wendy Coral Bells

Heuchera Wendy is spectacular in bloom with sprays of pink flowers Spring into Summer. The flower stalks are 18 inches tall. The 1 inch round leaves are all at the base. Heuchera Wendy slowly spreads to form a clump a foot or more in diameter. Heuchera Wendy is a Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden introduction and is the result of a cross between Heuchera maxima and Heuchera sanguinea. Heuchera Wendy does best in a shaded garden. While Heuchera Wendy can hunker down through a drought once established, semi-regular water will make for a much better looking plant. Heuchera Wendy is Winter hardy into the low teens.

Heuchera Wendy, Wendy Coral Bells

Pink flowers and foliage of Heuchera Wendy - Wendy Coral Bells. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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