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David Austin Roses - English Roses - Romantica Roses

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David Austin Rose, English Rose, Romantica Rose

David Austin Roses - English Roses - Romantica Roses

The style of the roses changed in the garden world over the last few decades. There are still an overabundance of Iceberg roses planted in places where they hardly get care. But modern hybrids started looking like old fashioned roses. And there was a push for fragrance again. Many of the new English Roses developed in England by David Austin grew to extraordinary dimensions in our mild California climate. There was a white hot frenzy to put David Austin's roses in the garden. Others took notice and started developing roses too. The Romantica series of roses has many fine choices for the garden. One of the most amusing things to me is how many of these roses have Iceberg in their lineage. Iceberg has few disease issues, and is free flowering, there is a lot to appreciate. For me having roses like these brought the roses out of the rose garden and put them in the landscape mixed in with the other shrubs and perennials. The following are our experiences with these roses.

Abraham Darby (rich apricot) 1985
Admired Miranda (pale yellow) 1983
Ambridge Rose (pale pink) 1990
Belle Story (pale pink) 1984
Bibi Mazoon (pink) 1989
Bredon (pale yellow) 1984
Brother Cadfael (pale pink) 1990
Cardinal Hume (red) 1984
Cesar (dark pink to yellow) 1995
Charles Rennie MacIntosh (pink) 1988
Charlotte (yellow) 1993
Charmain (rich pink) 1982
Chaucer (pale pink) 1970
Bow Bells (pink)
Cottage Rose (pink) 1991
Dove (ivory) 1984
Dr. Jackson (single crimson) 1987
Ellen (apricot pink) 1984
Emanuel (pale pink) 1985
English Elegance (salmon) 1986
English Garden (apricot) 1986
English Sachet (pale pink) 2000
English Violet (violet)
Fair Bianca (white) 1982
Fisherman's Friend (crimson) 1987
Gertrude Jekyll (rich pink) 1986
Glamis Castle (white) 1992
Graham Thomas (butter yellow) 1983
Golden Celebration (clear yellow) 1992
Heritage (pink blush) 1984
Hero (pink) 1982
Huntington Hero (apricot) 1995
Hilda Murrell (dark pink) 1984
Jaquenetta (semidouble apricot) 1983
John Clare (light crimson) 1994
Kathryn Morley (pale pink) 1990
L.D. Braithwaite (dark red) 1988
Leander (dark apricot) 1982
Leonardo da Vinci (dark pink)
Lilac Rose (lilac pink) 1990
Lilian Austin (dark pink to yellow) 1973
Lordly Oberon (pale apricot) 1982
Lucetta (apricot-pink) 1983
Mary Webb (pale yellow) 1984
Molineux (clear yellow) 1994
Moonbeam (pale apricot) 1983
Noble Antony (crimson) 1995
Paul Bocuse (apricot)
Perdita (apricot yellow) 1983
Pretty Jessica (pink) 1983
Prospero (red) 1982
St. Cecilia (pale apricot) 1987
St. Swithun (pink) 1993
Sharifa Asma (pink to yellow) 1989
Sir Clough (dark pink) 1983
Sir Edward Elgar (lavender crimson) 1992
Tamora (pale apricot to pink)1983
The Alexandra Rose (pale apricot) 1992
The Countryman
The Nun (ivory) 1987
The Pilgrim (apricot yellow) 1991
The Prince (red) 1990
The Prioress (white) 1969
The Reeve (pink) 1979
The Squire (dark red) 1977
The Yeoman (apricot pink) 1969
Tradescant (red) 1993
Troillus (pale apricot) 1983
William Shakespeare (dark red) 2000
Wife of Bath (pink) 1969
Winchester Cathedral