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Graham Thomas Rose * David Austin Rose * Introduced 1983

A reliable yellow rose has long been a quest for me. There have been a lot of suitors, not a lot of success, this is one for the success category. If I am likely to find one English Rose in someone's yard it is going to be the Graham Thomas Rose. Here in California with the heat and sun the Graham Thomas Rose can be a 6-10' giant and is nearly in constant bloom. In a somewhat shady location it can be hard to get the Graham Thomas Rose to rebloom but it can get 15' tall. I have few problems with mine in a sunny inland valley. The Graham Thomas Rose has a pink blush on the older petals and a pleasant fragrance.

The parents of the Graham Thomas Rose include 'Iceberg' X 'Charles Austin' X seedling.

High resolution images of the Graham Thomas Rose are available.

Graham Thomas Rose