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Mimulus flemingii - Island Monkey Flower

The Island Monkey Flower can be found in full sun to light shade. Mimulus flemingii prefers east and north exposures. Mimulus flemingii blooms with orange flowers from mid Winter into the Summer. From a landscape standpoint Mimulus flemingii is a somewhat difficult plant because it will not accept much summer water. In a garden setting great drainage is important, or plant in an area that does not get summer water. It is best to plant Mimulus flemingii in the Fall and water it a few times to keep it going until the rains come. By the end of the rainy period in Spring your Island Monkey Flower should be established. If it seems that watering is necessary, water in the early morning, keeping the foliage dry, and best to water when we are having a cool spell. Keep mulch away from the stems coming up from the ground. Mimulus flemingii is a good choice for the Butterfly Garden and for the Hummingbird Garden. Mimulus is a larval host for the Checkerspot and Common Buckeye Butterflies.

Mimulus flemingii, Island Monkey Flower

Orange flowers of Mimulus flemingii - Island Monkey Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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