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Woodwardia fimbriata - Giant Chain Fern

Woodwardia fimbriata grows in stream bottoms, shaded woodlands, and north facing slopes. The Giant Chain Fern grows 6-8 feet tall and wide and gradually spreads by 6" thick rhizomes. Woodwardia fronds live one season, plants look best if the old fronds are removed as the new ones come on. Woodwardia fimbriata is great for making a tropical look on a low water budjet. The Giant Chain Fern is Winter hardy to the low 20°s F. Woodwardia fimbriata can be stretched into sunnier locations near the coast and for east exposures. Woodwardia fimbriata does best when watered with sprayers that wet the foliage as the roots are inferior at taking up enough moisture on a drip system. I have found Woodwardia fimbriata struggling with insect damage when conditions are not ideal, likely mites are the troublemakers. Woodwardia unigemmata is often able to grow when Woodwardia fimbriata does not.

Woodwardia fimbriata, Giant Chain Ferns

Fresh Spring foliage of Woodwardia fimbriata - Giant Chain Fern. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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