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Equisetum telmateia braunii ~ Giant Horsetail

Equisetum telmateia braunii, or Giant Horsetail grows in moist places throughout the Western US, in California mostly in the Coastal Ranges. Equisetum telmateia braunii can be found in riparian zones, along dry creekbeds and seasonal seeps. Equisetum telmateia braunii grows up to 3 feet tall, and spreads by underground runners. In a garden setting the runners know no bounds, but kept in a wet pot with a tray or pond that is not connected to the surrounding soil Giant Horsetail can be an interesting addition to the garden. The spores from the fruiting body (strobilus) require water to grow. I have seen plants send runners under sidewalks and through the cracks of driveways. Equisetum telmateia braunii laughs at herbicides and due to the silica on it surface wears out weed eater cord like no other. Even beset by a long dry season Equisetum telmateia braunii persists. Equisetum telmateia braunii is not particular about sun or shade, and is primitive enough that it once may have been one of the first shade producing plants.

Equisetum telmateia braunii, Giant Horsetail

Whorled branches on green stems, and a strobilus, the fruiting body for Equisetum telmateia braunii - Giant Horsetail. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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