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Calochortus fimbriatus * Late Blooming Mariposa Lily

Calochortus fimbriatus grows on rocky south facing shale outcrops in the Coast Ranges in Southern California and the Southern Big Sur area. The Late Blooming Mariposa Lily is endemic to California. Calochortus fimbriatus grows with a single stalk or with a multi branching stalk up to 2 feet tall. Of the Mariposa Lily's, Calochortus fimbriatus is a great drought tolerant choice for foothill gardens when bulbs can be found. Calochortus fimbriatus produces its pink and yellow flowers during the heat of Summer when little else is blooming.

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Calochortus fimbriatus, Late Blooming Mariposa Lily

Flowers and foliage of Calochortus fimbriatus known as Late Blooming Mariposa Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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