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Calochortus albus * Fairy Lantern, White Globe Lily, Satin Bells

Calochortus albus produces flowers on long arching stalks up to 2 feet tall. These California native bulbs plants require a summer of drought. The natural habitat of Calochortus albus is a grassland in the north part of the state to mixed north facing slopes in the south. The nodding white flowers are a treat to the eye from the Coast Ranges to the Sierras. Calochortus albus blooms from mid to late Spring. The Fairy Lily tolerates heavy soil when there are dry summer conditions and the plants grow on a slope. Calochortus albus does well when planted under loose open shrubs where the Fairy Lantern can use the shared branches for support. The array of common names is a testament to this plants beauty; Fairy Lantern, White Globe Lily, Satin Bells.

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Calochortus albus, Fairy Lily, White Globe Lily, Satin Bells

Flowers and foliage of Calochortus albus known as Fairy Lily, White Globe Lily or Satin Bells. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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Calochortus albus * Fairy Lily, White Globe Lily, Satin Bells
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