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Acacia pravissima ~ Ovens Wattle

Acacia pravissima is a small weeping tree. The Ovens Wattle blooms early in the season, mid February in our area, becoming almost completely covered with yellow flowers. Acacia pravissima slowly grows to 15 feet and can become an effective screen by tip pruning the branches. The Ovens Wattle is very drought tolerant. Aacia pravissima will sometimes grow beyond the strength of its branches. Some pruning to keep the Ovens Wattle from breaking itself down may be required. Plants are frost tolerant into the mid teens maybe lower. I don't have a max min thermometer near my coldest garden location for Acacia pravissima.

Acacia pravissima, Oven's Wattle

High resolution photos of Acacia pravissima, the Oven's Wattle are part of our garden image collection.

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