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Acacia glaucoptera ~ Flat Wattle, Clay Wattle

Acacia glaucoptera is a low spreading shrub, typically 2-2.5 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide. Acacia glaucoptera produces its flowers on the midrib of the branches, that is always a fun conversation starter. The foliage of Acacia glaucoptera is a powdery gray with the newest growth often bronze tinged. Acacia glaucoptera requires decent drainage and full sun. The Flat Wattle is quite drought tolerant once established. Acacia glaucoptera is Winter hardy into the low 20°s F.

Acacia glaucoptera, Flat Wattle, Clay Wattle

High resolution photos of the flowers and foliage of Acacia glaucoptera, the Flat Wattle or Clay Wattle are part of our garden image collection.

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